Mezz Fitness Center is a positive addition to campus

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One of the most anticipated new developments at Capital University so far this school year has been the Mezz Fitness Center. Located in the Student Union, the new workout area features several elements previously unseen in the Cap Center. A row of treadmills and stationary bikes lines the windows overlooking the Main Dining room. Behind the treadmills is a row of elliptical machines, along with one rowing machine. Tucked in a corner near the front desk is a stand of spin bikes with a screen that can be used for cardio classes. Further into the Mezz, there are several weight machines that aid in working out nearly every muscle in your body (that is, if you used every single one). In the back corner, there is a small free-weights area with a rack of dumbbells and a couple of benches. The Mezz is rounded out by a large body weight rack on which a person can do pull ups, chin ups, dips, and other body weight exercises.
The Mezz Fitness Center makes very good use of the available space. The area is compact, but all the machines fit in their allotted spaces. People can move about the area with little to no hindrance. While it is strange to look down on fellow students eating from the first row of treadmills, there is plenty of space to have a complete workout in this seemingly small area.

Part of the reason why the Mezz seems so spacious could very well be due to the simple fact that the workout crowd is spread out. Before the Mezz was converted into a workout area, the Cap Center was the only option. This meant that sports teams, the general public, and other students who simply wanted to exercise were thrown into the same area. This meant more people sharing less equipment. Though it was not always obvious, this led to conflict. Conflict between athletes and non-athletes, and even conflicts between teams. Often, coaches would argue about whose team had precedence in the weight room at a certain hour, and non-athletes who were present were almost automatically excluded from their workout time. I have been on both sides of this confrontation as both an athlete and a non-athlete. The presence of another area in which to exercise relieves pressure on the Cap Center and makes sports practices run smoother.
Overall, I am pleased with the Mezz Fitness Center. I like the variance in machines because it is a nice change from the Cap Center weight room. Even when I was not officially a student-athlete, I was active and used the Cap Center frequently. I can say from experience that the addition of a workout area gives the student population some breathing room when it comes to exercise space. I was also pleased with the addition of a punching bag. During my first year at Capital, I was surprised to find that there was not one in the Cap Center. I asked why many times, and no one seemed to know. The thought that it may have been omitted on purpose crossed my mind, that someone may have terminated the idea because it “promoted fighting” or “encouraged violence.” Upon my discovery of one in the Mezz, I was pleasantly surprised. All in all, I am very pleased with the new Mezz Fitness Center and I have heard many other students say that they feel the same.

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