June 1, 2020

One Main improves quality and quantity of dishes

Students have had plenty of complaints in regards to the food on campus and have taken the opportunity to provide serious feedback. With the help of surveys sent out this past semester, dining services has made changes to the options offered and tried to improve the service to students in One Main and the Capital Court.

One of the biggest changes made has been the addition of new dishes to the One Main Café menu. The menu now includes buffalo chicken, Greek salad and chicken salad wraps; veggie burgers; nachos; macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese.

“I love that we have nachos,” First-year Monica Billings said. “I thought a lot of the food options were the same but there’s a lot more variety now.”

A soup de jour option was also added, so students can order a different soup every day.

With the emphasis on health and the opening of the new fitness center, students have also requested healthier options in One Main. The menus now feature calorie counts next to each dish to help students make healthy decisions.

Aramark has promoted being health-conscious, encouraging students to look up the nutrition facts of their food online through Campus Dish as well as tracking calorie intake on apps like myfitnesspal.

All employees of Capital dining have also gone through hospitality training in order to improve customer service.

“I have gluten sensitivity and sometimes it’s a pain for them to find gluten free batter for pancakes or other options for me, but they’re always really considerate,” said Billings.

Students have also noticed a difference in the quality of the food since the changes have been implemented this semester.

“I’ve definitely noticed that some of the food tastes better,” First-year Noah Ott said. “The fries are definitely a lot better every time I’ve had them since we’ve come back,”

Dining services have definitely listened to what students have to say, and most are generally satisfied with the changes. As the semester goes on, there may be more room for improvement, and students can look forward to a dining experience that is continually getting better.

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