Interesting organizations to consider this semester

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Interested in getting involved this semester, but not exactly sure about what you should join? Here are a handful of organizations that will stoke your creativity, challenge your gaming skills, and bring out your inner love for ukulele this spring.

Yarn Club

Meetings – 6 to 7 p.m. Mondays in Ruff Learning Center (LC) Room 07

Yarn club is a close-knit organization whose members spend their time making cool crafts with needles and yarn. Come out to Yarn Club to enjoy knitting, looming, crocheting and more in a calm environment filled with fellow yarn lovers. If you are eager to join but are clueless when it comes to things like crochet, don’t worry! The members of the organization are self-taught and are more than willing to help you learn.

“It’s really fun, even if you know absolutely nothing about yarn or needles or crocheting or knitting … we can teach you,” first-year member René Fox said. “…Pretty much everyone in that club is good at something. You can always learn.”

It’s also “a great way to de-stress,” junior and club president Elisabeth Friend said. “We usually watch Netflix or look up funny videos online.”

Events hosted by Yarn Club this semester include its upcoming Yarn Sale, where the club will be selling items that they have made such as hats and scarves, and the Yarn Swap, where you can come in and trade your unwanted yarn for someone else’s.

Want to learn more about Yarn Club? Contact Erin Brown at for more details.

The Gaming Collective

Meetings – 6 p.m. Fridays in Convergent Media Center (CMC) Room 141

The Gaming Collective is the organization for students looking to play video games with others and to connect with a variety of games and gamers. You can bring your own, or try any title from a number of games provided. They have a wide selection of older games, fighting-style games, classic Nintendo games and just about anything else you could think of. You can choose to come play and relax, or to sign up and compete in club tournaments for games such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Injustice.

“If you’re looking to have fun playing some games, or if you’re looking to meet new people [who] are also into video games, it’s a great place,” senior and club president Sean Rule-Hoffman said.

Looking to plug into the Gaming Collective? Contact Rule-Hoffman at for more details.

Ukulele Club

Meetings – 8 p.m. every other Wednesday in LC Room 202

This group likes to hang loose with chill meetings, where students can come in and play songs on the ukulele. Or you can sit back and relax as other people pluck out some tunes. Ukulele Club gives students the opportunity to share their love for the ukulele, to learn how to play new songs on the uke, or even teach others how to perform. Ownership of a ukulele is preferred, but not required. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join.

“We are a very low-stress club with a very nice instrument,” junior and club president David Lankitus said. “It’s a nice relaxing thing you can do every other week.”

This spring, the Ukulele Club will have its annual performance at Relay For Life, as well as its end-of-semester Luau, where pizza and performances will be provided.

Want more information on Ukulele Club? Contact Lankitus at

The Good Game Club

Meetings – 8 p.m. every third Wednesday of the month in Huber-Spielman Room 121

The Good Game Club is an organization where students can come in and play a variety of board games with other students on campus. Founded last spring, the Good Game Club was formed in an effort to give fellow board game lovers the ability to come together in a competitive, yet positive environment for nights of fun. The organization has all sorts of games and enjoys trying new things.

“It’s a great way of making friends, playing games with the friends that you already have and maybe learning a new game,” senior and club president Anne Picardi said.

Upcoming events include a group field trip to Tabletop Game Cafe and a Monopoly Tournament later on in the semester.

Want to learn more about The Good Game Club? Contact Picardi at for more details.

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