June 1, 2020

Intramural soccer adds athletic opportunity for students

Although soccer is a fall sport for both men’s and women’s athletics, soccer season is far from over. While the university’s official teams complete their off-season training, indoor intramural soccer competes off campus.

This team, nicknamed Cap Attack, competes at the Resolute Athletic Complex near Easton. Cap Attack consists of five women and seven men, most of whom have high school soccer experience. Resolute’s indoor league is broken into four tiers, lettered A, B, C and D, with A being for the most skilled athletes. Cap Attack plays at the C level.

The roster sizes of the indoor soccer teams that play at Resolute vary, but each team plays with seven people on the turf at one time. Teams play two forwards, two midfielders and two defensemen at once, though the positions are ultimately dictated by the skill of the individual. In addition to these six players, each team has a goalie.

Teams play two 30-minute halves, with one referee per field. By the Resolute rules, each team must have two female players on the field at any given time.

Cap Attack currently has an 0-2 record, but is looking to improve. Capital junior Connor McKee says that there is still chemistry to be built between teammates.

“Right now, we’re just trying to find our rhythm and get used to playing with each other as a group,” McKee, who played high school soccer Philo High School near Zanesville, Ohio, said. Though the team is 0-2, there is undoubtedly a positive mindset among the players.

“It’s great to go play … with friends for an hour [every] week,” junior Wes Murray said. Murray, who played soccer at Worthington Christian High School, added that he feels that it is great just to play for fun. Though play often gets competitive on the turf, there is still a visible emphasis on having fun.

Cap Attack most often plays on Thursday evenings at Resolute and are still seeking their first win. Games run late into the night, but spectators are still encouraged.

Though they are not NCAA athletes, Cap Attack is still representing the university on the intramural level and hungry for a win.

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