Mutts, mixes, and purebreds of Bexley neighborhoods

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Cole and Lesli Mautz

Mautz owns the Bexley Bed and Breakfast and is a big supporter of Capital. Cole, who has been in the family for about seven years, wears a Capital University collar. Mautz says the best part about having him around is the “unconditional love and humor” that he brings to the family.

Flax and Sherri Peck

Peck is a business professor at Capital who lives in Bexley. Flax has been in the family since July and is only seven or eight months old. “She brings joy to everybody,” Peck said. “She’s a little crazy, but she does bring joy.”

Zibby and Stephanie Wilson

Zibby is what’s called a Woodle, a mix of a wheaten terrier and a poodle. Although Zibby is tiny, she’s full-grown at almost two years old. Wilson, a professor of psychology at Capital, adopted Zibby when she was just three months old.

Marigold, Ginger and Ted Sapp

Marigold is a new addition to the Sapp family, as they have only had her for about a month, but Ginger has been in the family for about seven years. Ginger, a playful golden retriever, is eight years old. Marigold is a lab mix who is estimated to be around five. “They just love being around us, and we love having them around,” Sapp said. “We’ve got three daughters that really love being around the dogs, and they help make stress go away. I love walking them, too.”


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