Seminary faculty voice support on mascot change

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Trinity Lutheran Seminary faculty voiced support for the movement to change the university’s mascot at a Feb. 8 faculty meeting through a unanimously-adopted motion.

According to an email from Dr. Brad Binau, a professor of pastoral theology and faculty secretary, the motion reads:

“We, the faculty of Trinity Lutheran Seminary recognize the variety of opinions with Capital University regarding the Crusaders nickname. The University’s values include ‘Cultivating open dialogue and critical exploration and ‘Celebrating an empowering, faith-friendly environment of inclusion and respect.’ In this spirit, we both advocate choosing a new nickname for the school and stand ready to assist in a respectful airing of all opinions in this matter.”

Binau expressed his personal support for the change at the end of the email.

“And as a Capital alum let me add, on a personal note, ‘It’s time,'” he said.

Students and faculty renewed the movement to change the mascot near the end of last semester. Dr. Sally Stamper, a professor of religion at the university, called the crusader mascot “a fundamentally offensive character.” Since then, students have introduced a petition that has been signed by alumni from as far back as the 1970s.

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Heather Barr

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