June 4, 2020

Running program aims to whip people into better shape

Capital University’s Community Health Nursing Program has created a running program to help Capital students become more active. This program is being done in conjunction with a program about nutrition as a class project for senior nursing students within the Community Health program.


“It’s a class project throughout the semester. Every group gets an individual focus and our group’s focus is through the Health and Wellness Center and with the main focus being on the health of the students,” Allison Bahas, senior nursing major, said.

The running group meets every Thursday at 7p.m. and every Sunday at 6p.m. in the P.O. Lobby, and each run lasts about one hour. Students will run throughout campus and areas surrounding campus in Bexley.

The nursing students in charge of the club are working with professors to possibly continue the program after the semester or to get a similar program going throughout next year at Capital.

“But that’s not our main goal, our main goal is fitness and getting Capital students active who may not already be in sports, and to provide awareness on how to improve overall health through diet and exercise,” Bahas said.

The nutritional part of the program includes a pamphlet on how to diet healthily within campus eating options and with areas around Capital.

The running program is open to any and all Capital students and all, including beginners, are welcome to come.

“The whole focus of this project is to get people in better shape making baby steps; if you’re new to running or would rather walk, there will always be people to walk with you or to help you get into running,” Sarah Hinman, senior, said.

On the morning of April 17, the same group is doing a Yoga session by the fountains with food and beverages provided. The focus will be a combination of fitness yoga and meditative yoga to help students relieve stress and learn relaxation techniques right before finals.

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