May 25, 2020

Annual fashion show focuses on the ‘super’ in all of us

Kaitlynne Brindza posing during a rehearsal


Superman isn’t the only one who has to be worried about kryptonite on campus, since fashion is the kryptonite of those involved with this year’s superheroes and villains themed fashion show.
On April 8, Students for the Advancement of Afrikan Culture (SAAC) will be holding their annual Spring Fashion Show in the Capital Center.
This event, which started about eight years ago, is meant to be a fun way to bring people together and showcase the work that SAAC does.
Although the fashion show is run by SAAC, the models are from many different organizations, particularly Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) organizations. Some members who are involved with this project, including the president of Students of Latino Affinity (SOLA), the Sister Network, and members from the Ebony Brothers Association (EBA).
These models will be wearing clothes from a variety of vendors, including corporate and boutique shops. In the past, the fashion show has featured outfits from places like Hot Topic, but this year they are working to finalize a number of contributors, which currently included Milano’s Men’s Wear, in Bexley.
“The show is basically just meant to bring community members together, as well as other organizations on campus, and really just to have fun,” said Kornia Depenhart, SAAC co-president and event co-coordinatior.
The show includes members of the whole community and even has a organizing committee, for those who are still interested in being involved, but not being models.
Both of these groups meet often, between twice a week to once every two weeks.
“You create this bond between the people involved, because you see them 2-3 times a week. You get to see people do funny things, like doing posses,” said Depenhart.

Andrea Lowe

The fashion show does more than just give students the opportunity to show off local fashion.
“You learn hard work. You learn time management,” said Depenhart. “Being a co-coordinator, I’m in the show, so I’m learning model walks, I’m doing choreography to bring everybody together. You’re contacting vendors, you’re getting the stage, you’re getting clothing, sizing, getting phone numbers, all while still being a student.”
The fashion show also helps to build confidence.

“Once the day of the show comes and people put on the costume and get their hair done,” Depenhart said. “[When] everything comes together that confidence boost just skyrockets.”

Depenhart herself has come a long way regarding the fashion show.

“When I came in the first year I was very shy, and now I’m running it. The same with my roommate, who is my co-coordinator this year,” Depenhart said.
This fashion show is the only event of its kind on campus and a great way for people to start getting involved with SAAC.
“This is a great way for people to see SAAC in action, and you get to see, even in the interactions between the models,” Depenhart said. “You see that we’re fun, and we like to have a good time.”


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