Changes made to campus housing options

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As the housing lottery quickly approaches, many changes have been made to the room and board options for all students including new and different housing options and meal plans.

The university has announced that they will be continuing their partnership with Trinity Lutheran Seminary as well as expanding housing options through the seminary’s apartments and suite-style units. There are one, two and three bedroom units in the seminary apartments as well as one and two person suites. Both of these options will be available to rising juniors and seniors, but the suites will be available to rising sophomores as well.

It was announced on Wednesday in an email by Jon Geyer, the Director of Residential and Commuter Life, that Cotterman will be changed from a first-year residence hall to an upperclassmen hall.


Due to these changes in upperclassmen housing options, first-year and sophomore housing options have also been modified. In the 2017-2018 school year, Schaaf will house first-years. Sophomores will be able to choose between Saylor-Ackermaan, College Avenue Hall and the Trinity Lutheran suites.

In the email, Geyer also stated that gender-inclusive living options will be available for students in all different housing styles.

Along with new housing options, students will be offered new meal plans starting next semester. These new plans are based on the number of swipes available to students per week making it easier for students to keep track of their remaining swipe balance.



First-year students will still be required to purchase the unlimited plan, now called Ultimate Plus. Sophomores and up can choose between
14, 10, and 7 swipes per week. One swipe per day can be used at One Main with the rest of the swipes being usable at Capital Court. There is also a plan called Freedom 50, giving students 50 swipes per semester. The new plans also include more CapBucks for students to use in One Main and some restaurants on Main Street.

The prices of the new meal plans and for the residence halls have been updated on the university website.

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