April 5, 2020

Treat yo’ self: face mask reviews

Skin care is important, and face masks are all the rage. But there are so many. So four members of the Chimes staff decided to try a variety of them so you don’t have to.

Tonymoly Tako Pure One Shot Nose Pack – 1/5 stars

This octopus-shaped nose pack is designed to remove blackheads from the middle of the forehead and the wider nose area.

“It made my nose itchy, and it started to peel up before it was ready … I feel like it didn’t clean my nose pores that well,” Heather Barr, staff reporter, said.

Get it as an add-on item for $2.45 on Amazon.

Global Beauty Care Charcoal Wash-Off Mask – 2/5 stars

The mask itself is a mud-based formula meant to deeply cleanse the skin and unclog pores, lifting away impurities. I covered my face in the mask and let it sit for about fifteen minutes, but the whole time it was on, I couldn’t really feel it working. After taking it off, my skin did feel a little bit softer, but as a whole, it didn’t leave quite a lasting impact.

Get it for $14.36 on Amazon.

SNP Animal Dragon Soothing Mask Sheet – 3/5 stars

This sheet mask is used to help restore natural moisture and soothe tired skin. The mask itself is designed to make the user look like a dragon. It feels nice while it’s on, but after taking it off I felt kind of greasy. But, on the bright side, it had a cool dragon design.

This mask is available only at Ulta for $5.

BioRepublic Pomegranate Crush Illuminating Fiber Sheet Mask – 3/5 stars

This mask is cruelty free and has vitamin E. Used for all skin types, it’s meant to brighten and energize skin tone and smooth complexion.

“It was an average sheet mask … after I took it off, my face did feel very cool and clean,” Sam Shultz, layout editor, said.

Get it on Amazon for $5.

Freeman Clearing Sweet Tea + Lemon Peel Off Clay Mask – 4/5 stars

This mask is for normal to combo skin and removes impurities and tones for radiant skin.

“It was really cool; I like that it peeled off, but it was very tight … but the peeling was definitely fun,” Shultz said. 

“It wasn’t comfortable, but it was effective,” Julie Smallsreed, social media manager and web editor, said.

Get it for $7 on Amazon.

Tonymoly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet – 4.5/5 stars

This red wine mask sheet is primarily for pore care and tightens uneven skin texture.

“It really works; my pores look a lot smaller … [and] it smelled really good,” Smallsreed said.

Get it as an add-on item on Amazon for $2.63.

ELF Beauty Shield Recharging Magnetic Mask – 5/5 stars

This mask is revolutionary — it comes in a small jar and has a double-sided stick with one end for scooping and applying the mask and the other for removing the mask. In the package are also small plastic covers for easy cleanup. The user is meant to apply the mask and to simply hover the magnet overhead to remove it.

“The way that the mask felt coming off was really cool … it felt like it was cleaning my face,” Barr said.

Get it at Target for $24.

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