July 10, 2020

Capital goes NPR with new podcast CapChat

The university has started to stray away from the typical flyers and postcards toward a new type of advertising. CapChat is a podcast/video mash-up that was created with the purpose of reaching different audiences while still projecting the same information.

CapChat has a total of 10 episodes, all featuring a very exciting guest and topic. There are currently four episodes out: “Introduction to CapChat,” “Choose Your Own Major Adventure,” “We Learn Without Boundaries,” and “We Learn Without Boundaries (Continued).”

A new segment gets released every week, ultimately leading right up until Countdown to Cap and the beginning of the orientation season for accepted new students.

The first episode covers the background stories of all of the hosts and how they ultimately chose Capital. “Choose Your Own Major Adventure” features special guest Eric Anderson, who explains how to discover your major and why it’s okay not to know exactly what you want to do at the start of your college career.

Both parts of “We Learn Without Boundaries” cover the vast learning experiences at Capital. The episodes go over how learning isn’t just in the classroom, but is spread throughout the Bexley and Columbus communities.

While this endeavor may seem grand, this is only the beginning for Capital and the people leading this project. This type of advertising is not very popular yet and could really give Capital an edge over other colleges if all goes as planned. It could lead to more of an event overview type of podcast or even an audio version of The Chimes.

“I’ve been involved in WXCU …  and I’ve always enjoyed listening to podcasts …  so being able to do [CapChat] for the school and having that practical application of things I’m learning in the classroom was really cool,” Mary Clare Kunkel, sophomore film and media production major, said.

“Being able to sit down and talk about Capital with various people and realizing that every time they brought in a student guest, it was someone that I knew and that was kind of a cool experience,” she said.

Kunkel hosts the show with John Honaker, alumnus, and Emily Solinger, admission counselor and alumna. They also bring in a wide variety of guests on their show, some of which include, but are not limited to, Eric Anderson, Moriah Reichert, Deanna Wagner, Ishan Thapa, Seth Martin, President Beth Paul, Morgan Walker, and Pastor Drew Tucker.

As a sophomore, Kunkel has an interesting perspective to give as a host. She is about halfway through her time in college, but still remembers being in the same place as the potential students listening to the podcast.

“I remember being in that same position [as the students], I am two years into college but still have two years to go, so I’m right in that sweet spot,” she said.

CapChat will ultimately be used for accepted Capital students that are not quite committed to the university. All of the different guests and themes will give them a better idea of life at Capital through the lens of other Capital students, faculty, and staff.

CapChat is available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and on the Capital University Twitter page.

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