November 30, 2023

Motivate to bring CoGo to Bexley

A company by the name of Motivate is bringing CoGo to Bexley within the next year.

CoGo is a bike sharing business that operates in downtown Columbus. They have been in Columbus since 2013, and in 2018, they plan to bring it to Bexley thanks to a group of students from Ohio State University. CoGo has over 350 bikes in their supply and 46 stations around Columbus.

Motivate also has bike sharing programs in New York City, Chicago, Jersey City, Chattanooga, Washington DC, Portland, San Francisco, and Boston. During the month of August, Motivate had almost 7,000 bike trips in Columbus alone.

“I don’t really know what [CoGo Bikes] are,” first-year Julia Holt said, “but if I had to get somewhere far and I didn’t have a car, I would probably use it.”

CoGo will give students the opportunity to discover more of Bexley and Columbus if they do not have a car on campus. It will also be another possibility for travel instead of using the COTA transportation. The service will cost $8 for a daily pass, $18 for a three-day pass, and $75 for an annual membership.

“I saw the service once when I went down to the city, and I would be interested in using it to explore Bexley more,” first-year Emma Price said.

Even if students do not know where they want to travel, the CoGo website has themed rides that they can take advantage of. Some of these include the patio ride, which hits some popular restaurant patios; the treat yourself ride, an opportunity to de-stress and enjoy some of the towns retreats; and the breakfast ride.

A definite location has not been released for the station, but the locations that Motivate thinks would be the best fit include: Jeffrey Mansion near Johnson’s Ice Cream, East Gateway along Main Street, and near Bexley City Hall. 

“I’ve never heard of them before but it is definitely something I would be willing to try,” first-year Alexis Pojman said.

Other students feel the same way. “I don’t know what CoGo bikes are but they sound pretty cool,” second-year Laura Parkinson said.

The system for getting a bike is pretty simple. First, you buy your pass from a CoGo kiosk or the Transit app. Then, you find an available bike nearby and use the given ride code to unlock it. You are free to ride around the city, and at the end of your pass, you just return it to any station. The only catch is that you have to check your bike in every 30 minutes at one of the kiosks, but with 46 in the city, one is never too far.


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