May 31, 2020

Students assist local businesses in new immersion class

Students in new immersion class, Main Street Corridor Showcase, are working together to create marketing strategies and 60-second videos in hopes to sustain and grow businesses around Nelson and Parson’s community.

There are 14 businesses the class is helping in total, and each student is assigned a company to focus on. Some of these companies include COTA (for the specific area), English Lutheran Church, Kim Barrett Realtor, Accurate Auto Center Inc. and B&K BBQ Ribs.

The idea for this class came from Professor Betsy Pike, who has constructed classes like this at Ball State. In addition, Pike has done similar projects at Capital; however, none have been course credit until now.

“I like this [course] because students can put this on their resume,” Pike said. “You can say, I created the logo, I created this website, I created all of this. It gives great visual representation.”

Alongside Pike is Professor Russel Pepper, who teaches web design and development. Likewise, Pepper has created Capital’s website.

“For me, what has been really exciting – besides helping others, because that goes without saying – is the fulfillment,” Pepper said. “Being able to see the students working, coming up with different logos, and then bouncing ideas off of each other.”

Both professors are very energetic and passionate about this opportunity. Not just for Capital students, but also for the community they are helping.

“Some of these companies have been around for awhile,” Pike said. “For example, Kim Barrett Realtors has been around for 25 years and Accurate Auto Center Inc. has been around since 1995. But these businesses cannot afford the publicity needed. This class is giving them those videos for free.”

Pepper also said, “We just want to be a part of it. They have all the pieces. We just want to shine a light; we aren’t doing anything but that.”

The professors are not the only ones excited about this opportunity. Students have also found this opportunity very utilizable for future careers with their majors.

Senior Rachel Drake, who is a double major in electronic media and film and business management was asked to be the lead producer and is currently using this opportunity as her CapStone Project.

Junior Alissa Langguth, who is majoring in electronic media and film, was asked to be the assistant producer.

“As soon as I was sure I had room in my schedule, I said yes, “ Langguth said. “I have found this to be extremely beneficial. I am getting practice in not only filmmaking, but client relations, scheduling, graphic design, and problem-solving.”

The immersion class is a permission only class, where students have to be suggested and then invited to have this opportunity. However, the course is not set for a specific major. In fact, the majors within this project vary.

“We have students in this course who are music tech, marketing, electronic media and film, and creative writing majors,” Pike said. “We wanted a variety because a media student working with just media students doesn’t help. In the future, they will be working with marketing, clients, etc. Bringing a variety creates a real-world environment.”

Main Street Corridor Showcase’s completed projects will be featured Thursday, Nov. 16 at the Central Community House.

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