Get to know the 2018 homecoming court

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Name: Ashlee Freeman
Hometown: Macedonia, OH
Major: Pre-law business management with a minor in organizational communication
Organizations: Sister Network, Students for the Advancement of Afrikan American Culture, co-coordinator for the smooth transitions program through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Peer career adviser (career development intern), Office of Diversity and Inclusion Intern.
What I love about Capital: “I love everything about Capital. I love the people and the atmosphere. I have met some of the most amazing people on this campus. Capital really is home. It’s such an inclusive and inviting campus.”

Name: Jack Spiller
Hometown: Westerville, OH
Major: Political science and sociology
Organizations: Phi Kappa Psi member, student government, Order of Omega member, Community Engagement intern
What I love about Capital: “My favorite thing about Capital is the tight knit community that everyone at the university shares, the CapFam is definitely my favorite part about Cap!”

Name: Meghan Webster
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Major: Pre-Physical Therapy
Organizations: President of Sister Network and Students for the Advancement of Afrikan American Culture, student government senator on the Academic Integrity Committee, co-coordinator for Smooth Transitions, troop leader for the campus Girl Scout troop, and an S.E.T ambassador.
What I love about Capital: “My favorite thing about Capital and the friendships and connections that I’ve made over the past years.”

Name: Andy Perna
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Major: Early childhood education intervention specialist
Organizations: Sigma Alpha Beta, Embrace
What I love about Capital: “My favorite thing about Capital is the amount of opportunities I have had to grow through interacting with the diversity represented here.”

Name: Mary Kleffner
Hometown: Lima, OH
Major: Public Relations
Organizations: President of Delta Phi Epsilon, third year resident assistant, peer career adviser, student ambassador
What I love about Capital: “Capital has always felt like home to me. The #capfam is real and I’m so thankful to be a part of this incredible, supportive community. The people and resources here have helped me become the best version of myself!”

Name: Spencer Delk
Hometown: Laura, OH
Major: History integrated social studies with minors in criminology and public history
Organizations: Alpha Sigma Phi, Order of Omega, Jewish Student Association, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Lambda Theta, Capital Pride
What I love about Capital: “My favorite thing about Capital is the open arms that everyone has to who you are as a human being. People love you for who you are and are there to help you strive and push to be a better individual in society.”

Name: Kelsey Mitchell
Hometown: Maineville, OH
Major: Public Relations
Organizations: Sigma Alpha Beta, Embrace
What I love about Capital: “The sense of community here is like no other place. Kindness is endless, support is constant, and friendship is boundless. Cap is one of a kind.”

Name: Andrew Thompson
Hometown: Reynoldsburg, OH
Major: Religion and philosophy
Organizations: Founding officer of the Alpha Nu Eta chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, Phi Mu Alpha, three-year orientation leader, admissions office host, circulation desk worker at Hamma Library
What I love about Capital: “I love the incredibly passionate and supportive community here at Capital University; a community that I believe encourages everyone to explore and discover what it means to be authentically them, and how such unique experiences and gifts can best serve the world.”

Name: Morgan Walker
Hometown: Vermilion, OH
Major: Youth ministry with a minor in psychology
Organizations: President of Embrace Ministries, senior intern in the admission office, and three-time orientation leader.
What I love about Capital: “Capital’s amazing opportunities in academics, organizations, and community have always inspired me. The community at Capital, especially the nature of the #capfam, is something that you cannot find anywhere else. I feel so honored and blessed to be surrounded by so many people in such a loving, supportive community that challenges the boundaries of inclusion and provides examples of how to take radical community and inclusion out into the world beyond Capital.”

Name: Daniel Robey
Hometown: Hilliard, OH
Major: Education, integrated language arts with a minor in theater
Organizations: The education society, Phi Beta, Chordsmen, Preforming Arts to Serve Others (PATSO), Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Chi, the interfraternal music council, the America Reads program, works in the library on the weekends
What I love about Capital: “My favorite part of Capital is how it’s filled with opportunities. I came here not really knowing what I wanted out of college (or my life for that matter) and I had professors give me the opportunity to speak at a conference, direct a musical, and help teach elementary schoolers how to read. I’ve been so inspired by our community and support systems. I’ve been given the opportunity to be a better person here, and I have the CapFam to thank for that.”

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