University to offer tuition discounts to those doing good in their communities

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Starting next year, incoming undergraduate students with families working in nonprofits or public service jobs will be eligible for half-tuition discounts through Capital’s Good Guarantee program, which was announced this morning.

According to the university’s Q&A about the program, the Good Guarantee will be available for full-time undergraduate students who begin attending the university in 2019. The student, their spouse, or their parent or legal guardian must be an employee of a nonprofit or public service organization; “If the organization’s website ends in .org, .gov or .edu, there is a good chance you’ll qualify,” the Capital website says. Students do not qualify if the position is unpaid volunteer work.

As with all university-provided aid, the student must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher to continue receiving the discount. According to the Q&A, residential status is not a factor in a student’s eligibility for the discount and it is given on top of other financial aid, including scholarships and federal aid.

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The Q&A also explains that the program does not extend to part-time undergraduate students or students in Capital’s graduate programs, and the discount is only valid for tuition, meaning it doesn’t apply to room and board, books or fees.

Current students who meet the requirements and receive less than 50 percent of the tuition rate in their current financial aid package can receive the discount with some additional paperwork. According to the Q&A, they can file an application with the Financial Aid Office to review for eligibility.

In its announcement of the program, the university called it a “bold, unprecedented move in the higher education industry.”

According to the announcement, almost all students at Capital receive financial aid, and the university invests $50 million annually to scholarships and grants to help students afford their education here.

“Higher education is a significant investment, and many families are caught in the middle financially,” said university President Beth Paul. “They think private universities like Capital are out of reach. Our hope is that the Good Guarantee opens doors and conversations, and makes Capital even more attainable to purposeful people who are preparing for meaningful lives and careers.”

Along with the hope that the program will open doors for students and families who may think private higher education is out of reach, the program is part of Paul’s overarching mission to develop a sense of purpose in the Capital community. Another program that’s part of this mission is the Bonner Leaders Program, which began this fall.

Tina Guegold, vice president of integrated marketing and communications for the university, said in a campus-wide email that officials from the university will be stopping by a variety of non-profits in the Columbus area to share the program. Over the coming weeks, the university plans to spread the news of the Good Guarantee across the county.

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