Biotech lab added in Blackmore Library basement

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A common theme around Capital University has been repurposing the old to make it new again. From renovating Lohman Complex to converting the Mezz into a workout area, Capital has become very good at making use of its limited amount of space.

Recently, a space in the basement of Blackmore Library has been converted into a biotech lab.

Spearheading this project is Megan Beard, an assistant professor in the department of health and sports sciences. Beard is in her third year of teaching at Capital and specializes in running biomechanics.

Upon the completion of the Convergent Media Center in November of 2016, many spaces on campus that dealt with technology were made obsolete.

The room in the basement of the library is one such space, formerly part of the television studio. Space was available, and Beard saw an opportunity.

Conversion of the room began in summer of 2017, and a 2-D motion-capture system was installed. Beard says that this technology will allow her and her students to see how people move during specific tasks related to running and other physical activity. Hopefully, this will better expose the correlation between certain motions and injuries related to running.

This lab will be fully operational starting next semester, as it takes time to set up the software and make sure the necessary technology is working correctly. When it is finished, students will be able to use the lab for classwork as well as their own undergraduate research.

Beard also mentioned that Capital is planning on adding a Masters program in athletic training. The creation of this biotech lab will only help as yet another new program gets underway.

“The space was available,” Beard said, “… we wanted to keep it within the realm of video and communication, and I said, ‘I have this equipment.'”

She was also quick to add the fact that the space is still open to all students, not just those in majors related to athletic training.

Between the foresight of the university and the innovation of Beard and her equipment, the student body has gained another learning resource.

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