June 7, 2020

Let’s Dance: First-ever Crusaderthon to raise awareness for pediatric cancer

Dance ’til you drop at the first-ever Crusaderthon, a campus dance marathon.

The event was organized by Aaron Bryan, who did not respond to inquiries about the marathon, was put together through the company Miracle Network Dance Marathon will be a dancer’s (and non-dancer’s) time to shine on Nov. 10 from 4-10 p.m. For this event, many student organizations such as fraternities, sororities, and clubs, can create a team. From there, team leaders run the whole thing in order to raise awareness for pediatric cancer.

The registration fee to join in on the fun is $10 and it covers a t-shirt, a snack, and a drink during the marathon. At the event, two patients and their families will be there to dance as well, so Capital Students can bond with the children.

“It’s a unique experience because we get to see where the money is actually going first-hand,” Claire Weisbrod, sophomore and team leader, said. All of the money raised will go toward helping pay for medical bills for the two children.

“I am someone who is extremely passionate about working with kids,” Weisbrod said. “To make them feel happy, feel loved, and special is one of the greatest things that this world can offer.” Each team leader is passionate about raising money for these two kids.

Each team, in addition to the normal dancing, will be doing a morale dance, which is very similar to Capital University’s annual lip-sync. They’ll be dancing and lip syncing to a mashup of songs in order to show their support for these children.

There will be multiple fundraising opportunities at the event, and who doesn’t love a little dance party?

The organizers hope that Crusaderthon will become annual, so this kind of support can be continued on year after year.

“As a team leader, I think it is very special that I will be doing this ‘for the kids,'” Weisbrod said. “On another note, I have never really taken a role of leadership before … this has been a unique way of working with other team captains and expressing leadership towards my organization, Phi Beta, that I truly love.”

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