A Coffee Experience or Memories to Last a Lifetime?

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Coffee is a huge staple in most of our daily diets. Whether you drink one or ten cups a day, more than half of the world’s population are coffee consumers. I myself am guilty of consuming a cup…or seven…a day. So when my friend showed me the “Columbus Coffee Experience,” I had to give it a try.

Photo by Megan Given

The Columbus Coffee Experience consists of 17 participating coffee shops. You get a brochure from one of the coffee shops, and when you order something, they stamp it for you. You keep that brochure and continue to visit the coffee shops on the list, and each time you order something, the shop will stamp it. When you have visited 4 of the 17 shops, you take your brochure to the Columbus Visitor Center, located at 277 W. Nationwide Blvd., or the Greater Columbus Convention Center and claim your free “Columbus Coffee Experience” t-shirt.

Over the course of the past 3 weeks, I have visited 4 of the 17 coffee shops, and it has been an incredible experience. The first one I went to was the Red Velvet Cafe. I ordered a regular cup of black coffee and a cookie. The coffee was fantastic, and the cookie was to die for. The shop itself is small, but fun, and the atmosphere is very friendly. I took one of my best friends, Morgan Hamilton, and we had a wonderful time drinking our coffee and
 enjoying the atmosphere of this beautiful little shop.

Another one I went to was Stauf’s. They make a mean cup of coffee and the best coffee cake I have ever had in my life. The atmosphere is very hip, and it is an excellent place to drink some coffee and get some work done.

Thirdly, I went to Fox in the Snow Cafe. This is another very new, hip feel and perfect place to socialize with friends or family. I liked that this coffee shop sold sandwiches and lunch food. Most of the shops I have visited just have pastries, but this is an excellent place to get a sandwich and some coffee.

Lastly, I went to The Roosevelt Coffee House. This one was by far my favorite place, and I interviewed the manager of this store to find out what makes this place so special.

Photo by Megan Given

First off, it is a non-profit coffee shop. All of the proceeds made go to fight hunger, human trafficking and to provide clean water to people that don’t have it. I found this to be incredibly cool, and definitely unique. Their goal is to make a great cup of coffee and reach as many people as possible.

Their most popular items are drip coffee, cortados and espresso. I had a cup of the drip coffee, so I can tell you it is definitely an excellent product. They are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. through 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Aside from coffee, they also have a store with shirts and bags and other accessories. All of the proceeds from that goes to their charities as well.

Overall, the atmosphere of the shop is wonderful. Whether you are talking with a friend, doing homework or a little bit of both, this is an excellent place to do whatever.

So, I encourage you to give the Columbus Coffee Experience a try. If you don’t know where to start, all of these coffee shops are excellent, and supporting local businesses is incredibly important. Also, this gives you an excuse to grab a friend and make some memories. Like Jackie Chan said, “Coffee is its own language.” So find your language and make traditions that are more than just a cup of coffee… Let the coffee-drinking commence. Besides, who doesn’t like free t-shirts?

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