Faces of the Fountains: Stephanie Holmes


Is there a quote that you live by?

“‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and ‘Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it,’ I say that all the time.”

After a short hiatus due to a very cold, wet, and gray campus for the month of October, the Faces of the Fountains picks back up with senior Stephanie Holmes. Holmes is a twenty-one year old electronic media and film major with a minor in public relations. Holmes is originally from Brecksville, Ohio, and is in Pi Phi Epsilon.

What hobbies do you have?

“I do a lot of video shooting just because it’s in my major, but a lot of my classes require that … I like doing photography, video and writing.”

What’s your favorite class?

“I do really like my immersion class, which is the one where I’m making the video for my client. My group is really great, we always hang out, and we get things [done.] We’re like close and friends, and it’s really nice.”

What’s your dream job?

“Some sort of writer, like a screenwriter or an entertainment writer.”

What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?

“Have a family… I mean there’s more but…”

Do you have any bucket list things too?

“I think it would be cool to win an Oscar for screenwriting; that’s my, like, little-girl dream.”

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose and why?

“That would be kind of hard. I want to go to Australia. I don’t like bugs, but I still want to go to Australia because my favorite actor is from there. Ever since I [developed] a crush on him, I’ve wanted to go to Australia.”

Who is it?

“Callan McAuliffe,  he’s not very well known.”

What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?

“That’s a really hard one…I got barbecue today. The B&K Smokehouse, the best barbecue ever.”

What’s the best compliment/ advice you’ve ever received?

“Well, the best advice is back to the ‘Better have it and not need it then need it and not have it,’ and then compliment: that I’m very patient.”

If money was not a concern, what would you do every day if you didn’t work?

“Go to Starbucks and get chai tea lattes every day and I’d go out to eat a lot, like I’d go to Piada and Bibibop a lot. Shopping, I’d go shopping of course. I’d want to do a shopping spree.”

What are your favorite stores?

“Francesca’s is great. I like H&M and Pink.”

Do you have any style icons that you wish you could just borrow their closet?

“Selena Gomez, sometimes Taylor Swift. I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but sometimes her style is just on point.”

What’s your hidden talent?

“Oh man, it’s not really that hidden. Oh wait! I have two. Okay, so I’m double jointed in my thumbs and I have a very deep voice. I can speak in a very, very deep voice. People know about it.”

Do you do impressions?

“No, but I call it my ‘Man Voice.’”

What’s your favorite book?

“I really like the ‘Percy Jackson’ series. I don’t know if I have a favorite… probably “Lightning Thief,” the first one, is probably the best. Also, ‘Harry Potter.’ Again, I don’t really know if I have a favorite.”

Which house are you?

“I’m mostly Hufflepuff… I took a quiz on Buzzfeed. I’m mostly Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.”

What is your favorite movie and/or tv show?

“I really like “Parks and Recreation” and “New Girl.” Movie? I think “The Breakfast Club,” it’s kind of my favorite. It’s a cool movie.”

What is your greatest struggle right now?

“Perfect day for that! Balancing all of my video classes and getting all of my final projects done. I’m in two different video classes that are at completely different ends of the spectrum. It’s very stressful, and I’m doing a video for a client right now, which is really stressing me out.”

What’s adding value to your life?

“My faith… Jesus. I don’t know. That’s a tough question, too.”

Anything specifically with your faith?

“Just kind of getting a little bit more involved with bible studies.”

Are you in a bible study on campus?

“I go to bible studies, like I go to Cru bible studies sometimes. I go to my friend Alisha’s, or my roommate, she has a bible study at Ohio State on Mondays that I sometimes go to. I go to Candlelight [Worship Service]. I haven’t been there a lot this year though.”

Is there anything that you’re looking forward to with the holidays?

“Relaxing, Starbucks. Just relaxing and hanging out with my friends from home. I really need it.”

Holmes is very kindhearted and passionate person. There was even a break during her interview that was spent bonding over how adorable two small children playing with a dog were. Holmes is very passionate about video making, photography, and writing. Though she doesn’t know what exactly she intends to do after graduation, she is planning to look at apartments in Bexley.

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