May 25, 2020

Five tips to help get you through the holiday season

From figuring out presents to dealing with your racist Aunt Susan, the holidays can be incredibly stressful. Anything you can do to get by helps to lessen the pain.

Tip 1: Thanksgiving Clapbacks

When your family members ask you why you aren’t doing well in school, or why you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, make sure you’re prepared with some fire comebacks. Last year around this time, there was an incredibly fortunate meme circulating that followed this exact subject and provided helpful tips for people around the world.

For example, if someone makes a comment about the amount of food you’re eating, tell them that you learned by following their example.

Obviously try to stay away from sensitive subjects in your family, but by coming to Thanksgiving dinner prepared with those clapbacks, the holiday will be much more bearable.

Tip 2: Don’t Try to be Perfect


Wrapping Christmas presents has always been one of those things that most people do not really want to do. Tying ribbons and bows can be really stressful, especially when the gift that you’re wrapping is shaped a little bit wonky.

The trick is not to try to be perfect. Either embrace your horrible wrapping and insist that your gift has character or pick up a super cute gift bag and some tissue paper and make a beautiful bag with that thoughtful gift in it.

Tip 3: Always be Prepared


One of the hardest parts about the holidays is the gift situation. It’s hard enough to get the right present for everyone and hope they like it. But what if someone gets you a gift, but you didn’t get them something? Or what if you’re at your friends’ Christmas party, and someone else already gave someone the same thing that you got them?

Be prepared by purchasing a scented candle from Wal-Mart and/or a gift card and keep it set aside. That way, you can avoid any and all awkward encounters, and if you don’t end up having to use it, you still have something that you’ll enjoy.

Tip 4: Stick to a Budget

The holiday season can be expensive, and it’s important to be prepared. With December just around the corner, everyone’s about to break the bank. Be sure to start putting some money aside every paycheck if you haven’t already, or even begin buying your presents early so that you don’t have to spend a bunch of money all at once.

Also be sure to stay on the lookout for holiday sales. Almost every store will have one, including online shops, and they’re a great way to ensure that you’re spending your money wisely.

There’s also always the option of spending no money on a gift. Whip up a cute little craft with items from around your home, write a cheesy poem, or draw a novice picture.

Tip 5: Have Fun

Not to be incredibly cliché, but try really hard not to get too overwhelmed. The holidays are stressful, of course, but it’s important to remember that it’s also a time away from the stresses of school to spend time with your friends and family.

So just sit back, bake some cookies, and watch 25 Days of Christmas.

  • Sydney is the managing editor at the Chimes and a senior professional writing and journalism major at Capital University pursuing a career arts and entertainment writing. Some of her favorite things are cold brew, books about dragons, horror films, and her cat, Sterling.

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