Interesting classes offered next semester

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In the next week, students will be finalizing their schedules for the 2018 spring semester with their adviser. For some, creating a schedule and making sure to get into required classes is a nightmare, and it might be nice to get into a class that looks fun and interesting. Here are some options for “interesting” classes that are offered in the 2018 semester:

ENG-284 – Graphic Novel

This literature course offers students the chance to examine graphic novels from a standpoint of literary analysis. Students will also look at how graphic novels have developed since their creation.

EMF-141 – Introduction to Film

This course is ideal for those who are interested in film theory or those who are interested in eventually reviewing films. It introduces students to the world of film analysis and the history of the craft.

EMF-342 – Horror Films and Their Audiences

Students who take this course will explore the development of the horror genre and the relationship between horror and society. This includes how horror films have impacted and changed society.

RELIG-310 – Religion and Film

In this course, students will examine films in the context of religion.

RELIG-250 – Native American Religion

Students taking this course will learn about the many different Native American religions and how colonization impacted them.

RELIG-170 – Life Stories

This course aims to give students a deeper understanding of the religious life and journey. Students will explore their relationship with the religious tradition that they practice.

MUSIC-225 – History and Style of Rock ‘n’ Roll

This course will teach students about the early influences and development of rock ‘n’ roll, from its start in the ’50s until now. Students will also explore rock ‘n’ roll’s influence on society.

ART-272 – Photography

Students in this course will learn how to use a 35 mm camera and develop awareness of photography as an art form.

ART-264 – Digital Computer Imaging

This course focuses on creating art using computer programs, cameras and scanners.

HSPTS-101 – Basic Physical Education courses

These courses vary each semester but teach students about the history, rules and etiquette of fitness activities and sports. In spring 2018, fencing one and two are offered as well as several yoga courses, Pilates, weightlifting and hip hop aerobics. There is also a course on first aid and CPR.

BUS-210 – Personal Finance

This course teaches students about personal finance, from creating a budget to real estate and tax applications.

PHYS-120 – Physics in Science Fiction

Students will explore the physics that is present in science fiction movies, TV shows and books.

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