Students celebrate Thanksgiving with hall-give

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We all know the story of how pilgrims who had just crossed over into the new world were able to befriend Native Americans, who taught them where to go to hunt and how to plant crops that would sustain them during difficult times and give them a more diverse diet. They celebrated this new bond by partaking in a feast together: a feast that brought Native American and pilgrim together. Since then, Thanksgiving has been revered as a festival that brings close family and friends together for a warm meal in a country going cold.

At college, new bonds are formed, and friends quickly become akin to family. Many friends try and celebrate the holidays together while school is still in, doing little things such as secret santa or hall-give.

“Hall-give is where the residents of a hall go to one room, or sit out in the hall, sharing food and celebrating,” first-year Kenzie Carnahan said.

This is a great way to destress right before finals, and many easy meals can be put together. Whether it be buying microwaveable food like mashed potatoes or corn from Kroeger or bringing something back from the Main Dining Room, food can be assembled in all sorts of combinations.

“I live in an apartment complex, so putting together baked apple slices is pretty easy,” Carnahan said.

Others who live in dorms either have to buy various food from grocery stores and assemble them by hand, with a microwave at their disposal, or bring things back from One Main or the Main Dining Room.

Some students have also been known to use Cap Bucks at local restaurants such as Zoe, which is located right across from campus, to bring to their hall-giving.

“Burgers aren’t a normal Thanksgiving food, but their Zoe Burger is just delicious,” first-year Jaret Knox, a frequent of Zoe’s restaurant who wants to bring the popular food to his own hall-give if his hall chooses to have one.

Some prefer food that is a little sweeter though.

“I love hot chocolate in the cold, so bringing that to my hall-giving with a crepe from C’est Ci Bon would be really good.” sophomore Gabbi Lee said.

The different modge podge of foods basically turns hall-giving into a sort of potluck, where many are free to take as much, or as little, as they please. The time is spent enjoying one another’s company and talking, sometimes late into the night. It’s a nice way to enjoy the presence of friends in a calm space right before finals and the long winter break ahead.

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