Behind the ink: our bodies as canvases

A&E, Student Life

Paige Matuszynski, first year, has one tattoo, which is a graphic of the sun, moon and stars, on her right ankle.  Matuszynski got the tattoo a few months ago with friends, and chose it for her love of the sky.

She said that the tattoo did hurt, because of the positioning.

“Every time it got to the back of my foot or the bone in [my] ankle, it was really bad,” Matuszynski said.

But the pain doesn’t stop her from wanting more, and she plans on having more tattoos done in the future.

Meghan Cagle, first year, also has one tattoo, which is on her left upper arm. Cagle got the tattoo this summer, in remembrance of her uncle, who she bonded over “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with. This memory played into the design of the tattoo, and the tattoo also includes the date of his passing.

Cagle said the pain was a four out of ten, and she plans on getting more.

Melanie Nevarez, first year, has two tattoos, and chose to talk about her most recent tattoo, which she got for her mother, who intends to get a matching one.

Nevarez’s tattoo is a red heart with an infinity symbol through it, on her right hip, and signifies her loving relationship with her mother. Nevarez is open to more tattoos.

(photo courtesy of Melanie Nevarez)

Rei Morgan, a first year, recently got their first tattoo, a lotus flower on their right, inner ankle. The tattoo matches the tattoo that their mother and sister also got with them and signifies the relationship the three have with eachother.

Morgan said the pain was a five out of ten. Morgan definitely plans on having more tattoos.

(photo courtesy of Rei Morgan)

Wyatt Long, first year, got his first tattoo this past Father’s Day for his father, who was in the Navy for 19 years. The tattoo is an anchor with “Dad” written in it, on his right shoulder.

Long said the pain of getting the tattoo was a five out of ten, “but then they used white ink, which knocked it up to an eight because the ink is thicker,” Long said.

Long plans on getting “a lot more” tattoos.

Brittany Pequignot, sophomore, has three tattoos and chose to talk about the tattoo she got during spring break 2017, which is a turtle on her right ankle.

“My friend committed suicide and she was studying marine biology, and one of the favorite animals was turtles, so I got the turtle for her,” Pequignot said.

This tattoo’s pain level, on a scale from one to ten, was a two. Pequignot plans on getting another tattoo the next time she goes back to her hometown.

Bayleigh BBronx Walton, first year, has seven tattoos, and chose to talk about the tattoo she got on her 18th birthday, in June.

“This is self made, she’s a fighter,” Walton said, “and basically I feel like I’ve had to fight through life, and I did it on my own, so that’s the story behind it.”

Walton said this tattoo did not hurt, and was an “annoying one out of ten.” She plans on getting more tattoos in the future, as well.

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