Thanks-groaning: It’s not always easy to be with family

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Who did your extended family vote for this election season? Do you even want to know? Do you really want to talk to them about politics, your sexuality, or who the president is right now?

No, none of us do. We just want to eat lunch or dinner with the people we love, but who probably don’t agree with us on anything in the slightest. Here are some great tips for you to deal with your extended family on Thanksgiving without getting into a huge argument about current events.

First off, as much as you may want to, don’t talk politics. It’ll only bring up fights. Consider your table a minefield. You have to carefully diffuse every conversation as much as possible. Don’t talk about the president. Talk about your dog or someone’s kids. It might be boring, and you might be boiling inside, but you won’t start any fights.

Be yourself. If you’re in the LGBT community this can sometimes be hard for you. You might still be in the closet. Just be the best you you can be, while still keeping things under wraps that you want under wraps. It’s ok to not be out about your political affiliation, sexuality, or gender to your extended family. You aren’t obligated to do that. Just be yourself, be genuine, but stay safe.

Remember that you see these people maybe three times a year. After Christmas, you probably won’t see them again until Easter. Just smile at them and try to have the best time you can, considering the circumstances. Be kind. Be social, if you’re comfortable with that. Remember that these people do love you, even if you don’t exactly like each other. Enjoying someone’s presence and loving them are two completely different things.

All you need to do is survive. Avoid political talk, keep a positive outlook, and enjoy the massive amounts of food that are in front of you. There’s no reason not to. People will probably have their mouths stuffed too full to talk about anything currently going on in the world. Everything will be fine. If any political conversation erupts, stay out of it. If anyone asks you if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, just say no (or maybe talk about your boyfriend or girlfriend, if you want).

Now it’s time to survive Thanksgiving 2018. Try your best, and just remember, someday you’ll probably be able to decide to never associate with them again, if they really are that horrible. Stay strong, and enjoy a good meal.

Chris Wagner

Chris Wagner

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