October 22, 2020

Top ten things to do the day after Christmas

Everyone loves the holidays.

The family, the friends, the food – all the festivities and merriment that we enjoy throughout the winter lead up to America’s most widely-celebrated holiday: Christmas. But when the presents have been opened, when the eggnog is all gone, and when the fruit cake has been tossed out, what do you do with yourself? Sometimes it’s boring, so here is a list of ten things to do once Christmas is finally over.

  1. Sleep In

It’s been a long holiday season. You have spent the past three weeks if not entire month preparing for Christmas. And now, it is finally done. You have been stressed with getting the perfect gift for who knows how many people, with eating too much of that good holiday food, and with being constantly surrounded by loved ones. You have earned — no, deserve — a break from it all, so take this opportunity to rest and catch up on some Z’s.

The ultimate sleep-in comes on Dec. 26.
  1. Isolate Yourself from Family

As mentioned before, you have recently been spending a great deal of time with loved ones. While it is important to show love to those you care about this time of year, you cannot afford to forget yourself. Now that Christmas is over, shower yourself with some quality “me-time.” Isolate yourself. Meditate. Read. Binge watch another season of your favorite show. Snack in bed. Sleep some more. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, do whatever it takes to rejuvenate your soul after the stressful holiday season.

  1. Clean Up the Clutter

If you have unwrapped presents, chances are that there is still wrapping paper littered around the tree. Best to get rid of the torn remnants of yesterday’s conquests now, otherwise they will be floating around the floor for the next few weeks. Now is also a good time to take those presents up to your room and/or put them away before they become conversation pieces at your New Year’s Eve party.

  1. Spend Some Quality Time with Your Gifts

    You know when you get that gift and it’s just .. not good? Roll into the mall and return it (hopefully without anyone knowing).

Yesterday you got the loot, today you get to know it. Try those clothes on. Watch that movie. Plug in the new console and give that game a go. Eat the chocolates, and the cookies. The day after Christmas was made for you to get acquainted with your newfound possessions.

  1. Plan a Mall Trip

Even though you have already gotten a boatload of new stuff, the day after Christmas is one of the best days for steals and deals. If you have some gift cards that you are dying to cash in, some clothes that are just not fitting, or some gifts that are simply not to your liking, plan a trip to the mall and get out of the house to continue the gift-getting of Christmas.

  1. Eat the All Leftovers

Christmas may be over, but the food is not. Get in that fridge and begin to cut down on the week’s worth of leftovers from the past few days of feasting.

Eating the leftovers is one of the best parts of that post-Christmas week. 
  1. Take a Nap (Preferably 3 Hours)

Again, the last few weeks have been long. Finals and Christmas shopping and dealing with politically-opinionated relatives were tiring enough, so why not take a nap? The day after Christmas is a day of recovery, and a long nap is the perfect way to recharge.

  1. Scroll Through Social Media

You know how your Christmas went, but how about your friends’? Take this time to catch up on the endless flow of posts that have flooded your Instagram and Facebook feeds since yesterday morning. You will want to be sure to like all the repetitive posts of unopened gifts and sibling selfies. While you are at it, upload your own pics of what went down around the tree this year.

Sometimes Twitter can be annoying, but other times you get to see the joyous holidays everyone else had.
  1. Get Some New Year’s Plans Together

Christmas may be done, but the holidays are not over just yet. Grab some friends and start collaborating on what you will be doing to ring in the New Year. Whether it is going out to celebrate, or watching the ball drop from the comfort of your couch, better to know sooner than later what you will be doing on the last day of the year.

  1. Begin the 364 Day Wait till Next Christmas

Congratulations, you have officially survived Christmas! Now you can begin anticipating next year’s, with all the hectic but wonderful tidings that the season brings.

Waiting till Next Year!


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