June 7, 2020

What your ‘Super Smash Bros: Ultimate’ main says about you

“Who do you main?” is an age-old question.

Fighting games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and the iconic Super Smash Bros. have resulted in gamers everywhere judging each other for who they choose to play as, and with the recent release of Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, the revival of judgment is upon us.

The new base game has 74 playable characters (if you count Pokémon Trainer as one, 76 characters if you don’t), 63 of which are from previous games and 11 of which are new to Ultimate such as Simon and Richter from Castlevania and Ridley and Dark Samus from Metroid. 

But of those characters, every Smash player has one that they resonate with. They would die for this character. No other character will ever allow them to grace the screen like that one will.

And there’s a lot you can tell about who someone mains in Smash. Here are a few examples:

Mario: You’re either really basic or really classic, but who am I to judge? You’re probably super competitive on the inside, but you don’t want to let it show so you pick a lowkey character.



 Kirby: One of the best parts of playing as Kirby is that his recovery is impeccable, so you’re probably a reckless fighter. You lose yourself on the screen a lot and have to suddenly make your way back to the stage so you don’t die.



Ganondorf: Amateur. You first picked Ganondorf because, let’s be real — he’s a badass, but then you discovered his smash attack and now you refuse to play as anyone else because you’d actually have to fight.



Wii Fit Trainer: You’re genuinely a really good fighter, and you first picked Wii Fit Trainer to be funny but then actually somehow killed it. You blend into the background and kick butt when no one is paying attention.



Marth: You first picked Marth because you thought he was hot (and also regardless of the fact that you’ve never played a Fire Emblem game in your life) and then discovered that the edge of his sword is stronger so you can fight from a little bit of a distance, and now you’re afraid to fight as anyone else because you’d have to get too close, and that means death.



Ryu: Since you’re really good at Street Fighter, you think you’ll be good at Smash, but you probably aren’t, and quickly find out that your beloved Ryu is going to let you down because he doesn’t fight like a Smash fighter.



Shulk: You’re probably a decent fighter, but no one ever really notices how you do because you don’t win, but also don’t lose a lot. You first picked Shulk so you could stand out, but then you started to get good at strategically using his move set, and it’s been game over since then.



Fox: You’ve been playing Smash since the beginning and just can’t seem to stop. You play as Fox to let people know that this ain’t your first rodeo, but then you get your butt kicked and go sulk in the corner because you’re a Smash veteran, and how dare someone beat you.



Link: The only video game you’ve ever played is the Legend of Zelda and you’re afraid that if you play as any character other than Link, you’ll lose (even though you lose as Link anyway).



Inkling: You’re one of those people weirdly obsessed with Splatoon, but you’re a good fighter. You know how to strategically use your move set to come forth and annihilate everyone on the screen.

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