Before the Future Begins, There’s Grad Week

As the semester ends, graduating seniors are making plans for their lives after college. However, there is one important part left in the Capital experience: Grad Week; full of memorable […]

Relay for Life walks into Capital

One out of three people in the United States is diagnosed with cancer sometime during their life. Cancer steals lives and devastates families each day; chances are, most students can […]

Provost reveals magical head-rubbing quality

Provost Jody Funion has been hiding something from the Capital community. Although his trademark bald head is well-known on campus, few students are aware of its true power: rubbing Funion’s […]

Venmo etiquette: the dos and the don’ts

Venmo is an app that has made the uncomfortable business of requesting money from friends entirely digital—but that doesn’t mean all awkwardness has been eliminated. While everyone’s personal Venmo philosophies […]

A purple pledge for greener living

Riding an elevator uses as much electricity as fully charging a cellphone. New signs in buildings on campus remind students of this, encouraging them to take the stairs instead. Similar […]