Eerie encounters around campus

If you’ve ever experienced something supernatural on campus, you’re not alone. Although Halloween is the time for all things spooky, students and faculty alike report having supernatural experiences in many […]

Ghosting: the millennial habit that sucks

Ghosting. What does it mean, how does it happen, and why is it so detrimental to so many people? The dictionary (well, defines ghosting as the practice of suddenly […]

Communication is key with student government

The beginning of a new school year also means new leaders for organizations on campus. Student government is now being led by Jack Spiller as president and Kane Murray as […]

The ramen experiment: is it really that good?

Ramen: the ultimate college meal. Across the county, ramen is stereotyped as the typical food for college students due to its price and ease of preparation. But despite the hype, […]