New exhibits added to Schumacher Gallery

The Schumacher Gallery put two new exhibits on display on Monday, Jan. 15 for students, alumni, and faculty to observe, appreciate, and learn from. These exhibits, “Vessels” and “The Absolutes,” add […]

Binge-worthy shows part 2: their drinking games

Earlier in the semester, we highlighted four shows (“American Vandal,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Sons of Anarchy”) within four categories (Docu-Series, Sitcom, Fantasy, and Crime […]

Thor: Ragnarok continues Marvel comedy trend

For fans of Marvel superhero movies, there has been a lull for quite some time. After the success of bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel cinematic universe with “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” we […]

Senior runner takes home award

Senior cross country and track runner Derek Knabe was awarded the Berea Boots Award at this year’s hall of fame induction ceremony during homecoming week. This yearly award, which is […]

Haunted Hoochie worth the long wait

For 10 months out of the year, Pataskala, Ohio, is a quiet town located 30 minutes east of downtown Columbus. Not a lot goes on around there, but when September […]

Four binge-worthy shows to watch over break

Our culture craves instant gratification. We look for the answers right away without putting in due time and expect our rewards to be handed out just as quickly. Netflix noticed […]