Credit: Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Senior Advice: How to Survive Finals Week

The holiday season is practically upon us, and with this comes the realization that finals are also right around the corner. Like the winter season itself, while finals week may […]

John Stadler: Juggling professor

While it should come as no surprise that our professors have hobbies and passions outside of the classroom, sometimes this can be hard to remember in the wake of papers, […]

Alicia Logue, senior early childhood education and intervention major

Work study creates student employment at Capital

Many college students hold a job while in school to supplement some of their living expenses, and for some such students, work-study positions that are offered by their university are […]

Student loan debt: How Capital measures up

Most students attending college have it, yet few of us like to talk or even think about it: student loan debt.  But how does Capital University compare to other colleges […]