Coming forward: Using #MeToo to raise awareness

Sexual assault is something that no one really likes to talk about, but it’s something that people need to talk about. Following the Harvey Weinstein case, Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, […]

Five horror movies to watch this October

We’re officially two weeks into October, and we all know what that means: Halloween. Along with the spooky season comes the urge to relax and watch your favorite scary movies […]

Capital implements new recycling initiative

Paul Matthews and Rima Leonaviciute of Facilities Management have implemented a new recycling initiative on campus this semester. Throughout previous years, most offices around campus had older containers that were […]

Cable inconsistencies cause outrage

The cable situation at the Trinity Apartments has caused an upset among Capital students. From different amounts of channels to varying troubleshooting and technical assistance, there is a clear difference […]