One hundred years of women at the university

One hundred years ago, the first women became students at the university. In 1919, the first women In the 1924 of the Capitalian, the university yearbook, there is a page […]

COIN brings 2019 tour to Newport Music Hall

Of all of the times I’ve seen COIN, whether at A&R Music Bar, Express LIVE!, or Newport Music Hall, every single time has been surreal for plenty of different reasons. […]

Dating apps: The best and the worst

Being single on Valentine’s Day sucks, to say the least. You’re stuck watching everyone else go on cute dates and get chocolates and oh, the PDA. The Hallmark holiday really […]

Yes, I’m sure I don’t want kids

I don’t want kids. Like, ever. And I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I’m 20-years-old. Yes, I’m in college. No, I’m not in a serious relationship. But still, I know […]

Frostbite Fest to showcase student bands

WXCU’s second annual Frostbite Fest is gearing up to be quite the show featuring two student bands, each with unique sound. Seniors Alex Stemple and Andrew Eaton and Reese Maslen, […]