Thor: Ragnarok continues Marvel comedy trend

For fans of Marvel superhero movies, there has been a lull for quite some time. After the success of bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel cinematic universe with “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” we […]

4K Ultra HD: Best Way to Stream?

As 4K Ultra HD resolution becomes more and more common, it is intriguing to find a way to access it. After getting a 4K TV, there are a lot of […]

There’s still ‘Fight’ left in the Foos

Dave and company have done it again. And done it well. Again. The Foo Fighters released the full-length album “Concrete and Gold” on Sept. 15, 2017. With plenty of compositional […]

Behind the ink: our bodies as canvases

Paige Matuszynski, first year, has one tattoo, which is a graphic of the sun, moon and stars, on her right ankle.  Matuszynski got the tattoo a few months ago with […]