• Alexandria Goodwin (left) was reported missing at 9a.m. Wednesday morning.
    Student found dead at family home in Columbus
    May 5, 2016  //  Breaking News, Local News, News  //  No Comment

    Alexandria Goodwin, age 20, a rising junior at Capital University, was found dead Thursday at her mother’s Columbus home. Goodwin was reported missing around 9a.m. at which point Capital PD, in conjunction with the Columbus Police Department, began conducting a search. The investigation into the events leading up to her death is currently ongoing. The […]

  • Capital becomes Common Application School, Admission Rate on Track
    April 21, 2016  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    As of Wednesday, April 13 the incoming Class of 2021 reached the 300 mark, which is about the average commitment rate at this time of year. In early spring, prospective students are still making their decisions, and so it is not unusual for the numbers to be around 300 at this point. Similarly to the […]

  • f
    Microagressions, a hidden knife
    April 14, 2016  //  News  //  No Comment

    Microaggressions are something we experience and aren’t necessarily aware of. We go about our lives and we notice things people say, or what they do, but don’t think twice about who is being affected by those actions. For those of you who are unaware, microagressions are defined as brief everyday exchanges that are offensive or insulting […]

  • mg
    Graduating Seniors: Throwing it back and looking forward
    April 14, 2016  //  Feature, News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    Emily Grace Wiseman   What would you say has changed about you the most during your time at Capital? I think that one way I have changed during my time here is that I used to dwell on assignments and things that I had to get done a lot.  I spent so much time worrying about […]

  • k
    Goodbye Capital, It’s been nice.
    April 14, 2016  //  Breaking News, Feature, News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    As I begin to throw away the old and useless condiments from my fridge,  purchase my cap and gown, and transfer leadership in the Chimes to the next sucker, I can’t help but reflect on my time at Capital. But, let me be clear: I hate the cliché Chimes goodbye from the seniors, so I’m going […]

  • Jeremy Kemery
    Summer Scholar’s program names recipients
    April 14, 2016  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    Every year the Summer Scholar’s program offers a select group of students the opportunity to experience academic scholarship throughout the summer. The program lasts 10 weeks and covers the selected students cost of living, plus a stipend. The six students chosen this year will be conducting research in a wide variety of disciplines.  Matt Heim, a […]

  • zh
    Man arrested for swinging fencing sword, students upset over absent CapAlert
    April 14, 2016  //  Breaking News, Local News, News, Student Health  //  No Comment

     Last Thursday morning, university police arrested a homeless man on charges of criminal trespassing, inducing panic, and drug possession after he reportedly entered the Capital Center weight room and erratically swung a fencing sword in the weight room. After the Columbus Fox News channel reported on the incident the next day, students on Facebook voiced […]

  • adf
    Students to Protest Aramark Dining Services
    April 14, 2016  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

     On Sunday, April 10th, sophomore Alex Anderson posted a Facebook status regarding a price change to our current meal plans. Aramark, the dining service currently used by on campus, had allegedly increased the prices of the meals available as a meal swipe without notifying students of the change. The Facebook status quickly circulated, getting over […]

  • mike
    Music technology equipment damages amount to roughly $4000
    April 14, 2016  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

     Within the last two weeks, the music technology department has faced two instances of equipment damage: a broken Akg C414 microphone found in studio E and one blown out  8050B Genelec monitor speaker in studio A. In order to replace the monitor speakers, the department will have to pay a retail price of around $2,195. The […]

  • twi
    New Language To Be Offered
    April 14, 2016  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    Next school year, Capital will be offering classes in Twi, an African language native to Ghana. One of the thousands of languages to come out of Africa, Twi is a majority language in Ghana and is spoken commonly throughout West Africa. An estimated 85% of Ghana’s populations speaks Twi. Instrumental in the decision to offer […]