48 Hour Film Royale: Recap

Something Professional Productions took home first place for their short film “The End of June” at CapTV’s 48 Hour Film Royale showcase at 6 p.m. last Sunday, Sept. 16 at […]

Paper and pen dying out, tech thriving

As schools assimilate more and more into the society of technology, less and less students are using old fashioned print and are instead typing on a keyboard. Even cursive is quickly […]

Accidents in Bexley crosswalks cause concern

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story included details of accidents on Stoney Creek Road and Slade Road, but these roads are not located in Bexley, OH. The Chimes regrets this […]

The threat of sleep deprivation

College has brought a wave of exciting opportunities to meet new people and experience new things. All this comes in the form of school clubs, classes, and social events that […]

Students demand better mental health services

After a student fell from a parking garage last week at the Ohio State University’s campus, Buckeye students took to social media to voice their demands for better mental health […]