• Looking for jobs around campus? Look no further
    August 29, 2015  //  News  //  No Comment

    It’s that time of year again. Summer’s over, and all the students are flocking back to campus. Maybe you already have an internship lined up for the semester. Perhaps you’re a commuter and already work at your local Menards or K-Mart. But most likely, you’re looking for some extra cash to fund your Starbucks addiction. Whether you need […]

  • President Bowman retiring, search for new president begins
    August 27, 2015  //  News  //  No Comment

    The search is on for a new university president following current president Denvy Bowman’s decision to retire after the 2015-2016 school year.  A search committee created by Capital University’s Board of Trustees is now set to take on the task of finding a successor.  Meetings will be conducted from Tuesday, September 1st to Thursday, September […]

  • Cap Scholars
    Students stay on campus for summer scholars program
    August 27, 2015  //  News  //  No Comment

    Each Summer, Capital selects students for the Undergraduate Research Summer Fellowship Program to live on campus and work on their summer research projects. They receive a stipend and live on campus cost-free. Students submit proposals early in the year to be accepted into the program. Proposals can cover a large spectrum of areas, as long […]

  • Student government looks to polish funding process
    August 27, 2015  //  News  //  No Comment

    After implementing the student activities fee three years ago, student government will attempt tighten up its process and be more transparent with how they are going to be allocating money to student organizations this year. In the past, organizations have been rightfully excited about what money they receive from student government.  There is the possibility […]

  • O14A0410_F
    Capital Religion professor not to return next fall
    May 6, 2015  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    After four years of teaching, Chris McAlister has decided to leave Capital University. McAlister, an adjunct professor in the philosophy and religion department, announced via Twitter that he will not be returning to teach this upcoming fall semester. McAlister joined the university in 2010 when a friend of his notified him of an open adjunct […]

  • An interview with Josh Radnor
    April 20, 2015  //  News  //  No Comment

    Geramee Hensley (GH): What are some of your fondest memories of living in Bexley? Josh Radnor (JR): Oh man, well, Bexley is kind of the ice cream capital of the midwest. So, I ate a lot of good ice cream. You know, I just remember in high school, before we got our driver’s licenses, my […]

  • That Carolann Girl
    Student Art Show
    April 16, 2015  //  News  //  No Comment

    The odd mix of administrators, students, and Bexley residents were all at the Schumacher gallery for the same reason. The white walls encompassing the center of the fourth floor of the library were adorned with paintings, photographs, prints, and digital art. Sculptures and television screens were posed on pillars, placed along the edges and in […]

  • parkhurst
    Aramark replaces Parkhurst as campus dining service
    April 16, 2015  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    Last week, Capital terminated its contract with Parkhurst Dining and chose Aramark as its replacement. While Parkhurst’s contract went through June 2016, it included a clause to terminate sooner if the university deemed it appropriate and in the best interest of the student body. Vice President of Business and Finances Dr. Mike Horan said student surveys […]

  • student-loans
    Capital student federal loan debt averages $25,805
    March 26, 2015  //  News  //  No Comment

    Earlier this month, seniors received their Federal Direct Loan exit statements. The average indebtedness of soon-to-be graduates, who borrowed Federal Direct funds and followed a traditional four-year program, is $25,805. A decrease from last year’s average of $26,542, this number includes Federal Direct Subsidized, Federal Direct Unsubsidized, Federal Perkins, and Federal Nursing loans. Included in this year’s […]

  • baseball
    Baseball opens conference schedule with double-header split vs. Muskingum
    March 26, 2015  //  News, Sports  //  No Comment

    The Crusaders began their conference schedule by splitting a double-header with Muskingum University at Clowson Field last Saturday. The first game of the day was fought hard by the Crusaders, who fell 11-7 in a game that was tied 2-2 through the 5th inning. Capital’s offensive effort was lead by sophomore Jake Foley, who had […]