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    Griffith makes world news with ‘Brick Jest’
    September 25, 2014  //  News, World News  //  No Comment

        To those intimidated by the late David Foster Wallace’s literary masterpiece, “Infinite Jest”, fear no more−English Professor Kevin Griffith had his 11-year-old son, Sebastian, Lego-fy it. It took the duo most of the past summer to construct more than 100 scenes from 1,079 pages of text (footnotes excluded). Yet, what started as a visual [...]

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    Students receive insults in conservatory
    September 25, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    A recent increase in student harassment within the conservatory prompted three students to come forward with their accounts of bullying. Since the first week of school, groups of students have been caught bothering and insulting those attempting to practice within conservatory practice rooms. The students hurt by the incidents−Jeremiah Swope, Jalen Mitchell, and Abigail Worden−have [...]

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    New first year orientation program in the works
    September 25, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    A new online orientation program is potentially going to debut in the summer of 2015 for all incoming first-year students. The program will involve things such as “taking care of yourself,” said Dean of Studies Dr. Jody Fournier, who has been a prominent member of the team that is working to create the program. The team [...]

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    New core curriculum aims to acclimate freshmen
    September 18, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    Freshman students are now required to take one University Core (UC) 100 course to fulfill a graduation requirement. These Freshman Year Seminars (FYS) have been added to the University Core requirements following Capital’s participation in Foundations of Excellence, a nationwide program that assists higher education schools in measuring the effectiveness of the university’s programs on first-year students. Capital was [...]

  • Almar
    Q&A: Capital’s New Director of Diversity and Inclusion
    September 18, 2014  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    FAVORITES Food: Sushi Book: Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point Sport: Soccer (Columbus Crew) & Rugby (New Zealand) Hobby: Golf & Traveling City:  Tokyo & Amsterdam Season: Fall Animal: Dog     Q: What was your previous job and what were your duties? A: “I was the Director for Intercultural Services at the University of Findlay, [...]

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    Ferguson: Through the Eyes of a Capital Student
    September 16, 2014  //  Feature, Opinion, World News  //  No Comment

    The media often focuses on the gossip involving Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Ray Rice, and Duck Dynasty, often overshadowing real issues and problems in American culture. The media does this to keep our attention off topics like ISIS, Ukraine, and Russia, and in our own country Ferguson, Missouri. The media is controlled and owned [...]

  • CAL
    New club on campus: Capital for Animal Liberation
    September 16, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    A spark of inspiration and the willpower to get something done are all any student needs to start a new organization on campus. Capital for Animal Liberation (CAL) is one such organization, founded 3 years ago by Sirrus Lawson and Suzeii Sierra. Hoping to inform others about his and Sierra’s organization, Sirrus Lawson answered questions about Capital [...]

  • theredzone
    The Red Zone: Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus
    September 12, 2014  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    On college campuses across the country, The Red Zone is defined as the time of vulnerability for sexual assaults on freshmen, ranging from their first days on campus until Thanksgiving break. Rape: that humiliating misfortune we read about in the news, but feel too untouchable to experience ourselves. Let us assure you that you will [...]

  • Lesli
    Bexley’s first bed and breakfast set to open this fall
    September 11, 2014  //  Local News  //  No Comment

    Bexley residents Lesli and Mike Mautz are opening their home to the public – for a reasonable $149 a night. What the Mautz’s refer to as home is the soon-to-be-open Bexley Bed and Breakfast, located at 519 S. Drexel Ave. Anticipated to be up and running by late November, the five-bedroom B&B will offer those [...]

  • mario kart play
    Crossing the Finish Line: after three seasons of ongoing growth, Williams, Williamson graduate, hand down Mario Kart League to younger students
    April 10, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    by Jordan Houser Seniors Mark Williams and Seth Williamson have pioneered an on-campus gaming league so large that they were forced to turn away prospective members during the most recent recruitment period. The Mario Kart League (MKL), as they have officially titled it, began in Spring 2013 and has grown each consecutive season since. Members [...]