• Rachel Vretas snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
    Students discuss experiences after unforgettable study abroad trips
    March 5, 2015  //  News  //  No Comment

    Tips for Combating Homesickness Wear jewelry given to you by a sibling, parent, or significant other. Other people don’t know about it, and you have a little piece of that person with you always. Set aside time for your significant other, friend, or family member, whether that time is over Skype, phone, or even just […]

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    Talk of changing mascot reaches ‘tipping point’
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    Are you proud to be called a “Crusader?” In an interview with The Chimes, President Denvy Bowman said a significant amount of alumni and faculty, including himself, would like to see a change in mascot. Over the last decade, momentum for change has been building among students as well. However, no complete proposal for a […]

  • Radiothon
    WXCU Radio set to host 24-hour Radiothon
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    Looking for a fun way to spend Pi Day weekend? Prepare yourself for “the longest live event in Capital history.” WXCU Radio, in partnership with Capital University, is excited to host its first Radiothon Friday, March 13 through Saturday, March 14. The event advertises 24 hours of live broadcasting online at wxcuradio.com and activities in […]

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    Mary Lynn/Capital Bands Article
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    If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing Mary Lynn live, then you’ve witnessed the unbridled optimism her band brings to the Columbus music scene. Finding their ground between the mountain ranges of indie-punk and the still waters of bubble-gum pop, the band cemented a sound that is not only infectious, but also something that will […]

  • Kim Houf
    Students ask Parkhurst to #BringKimBack
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    On Feb. 12, Parkhurst Dining Services terminated One Main Café cashier of eight years Kim Houf, referred to by many as the Capital Mom. Students’ love for Kim and heartbreak over her absence were apparent on social media in the days following. The hashtag #BringBackKim circulated Facebook, Twitter, and YikYak. When asked about Houf, Capital’s […]

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    NCUR Student Profiles
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    The 2015 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), to be held at Eastern Washington University April 16-18, has invited twelve Capital students to present their scholarship. Their projects were chosen amidst over 3700 competing abstracts and speak to the variety of disciplines our liberal arts campus houses. Seeing as Symposium coincides with NUCR, The Chimes […]

  • friendzone-index
    ‘Friend-zone’ bulletin board sparks controversy
    February 20, 2015  //  News, Opinion, Student Life  //  No Comment

    Walking down the third floor hallway in the Saylor-Ackermann (SA) building, I saw a bulletin board that disturbed me. Bulletin boards, which are put up in hallways by Resident Assistants, are an effort to engage residents and usually lean toward the educational. In my hallway, on the 2nd floor of Schaaf, the activity board displays an […]

  • cornflakes thumb
    Sewing man’s wild oats: Kellogg invented corn flakes to kill the libido
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    Does a big bowl of corn flakes significantly diminish your sex drive? Anti-masturbationist John Harvey Kellogg intended for his breakfast cereal to do so, but your morning wood should remain. If the notion of touching oneself is still not fully accepted today, during the 19th and 18th centuries, masturbation was thought to be inherently evil. […]

  • ratemyprofessor
    Chili peppers on campus: who is worth taking a class with at Capital?
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    screenshot of ratemyprofessor.com Valentine’s Day is in just a few days, and you may be sad and lonesome. Although you might not have a special someone your age you are crushing on this year, sometimes students find a professor the most “interesting” of companions. Every school day, students walk into class, but some classes are […]

  • foreign-sex
    Multicultural students discuss differences in sex culture
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    In a multicultural world, ideas about sex, romance, sexuality, and gender can vary widely between countries. These two students share their experiences in Bonn, Germany and Seoul, Korea. Avery Mukherjee Avery Mukherjee, a first year social work and public administration major, lived in Bonn, Germany for two years when she was 12-14 years old. Her family […]