• theredzone
    The Red Zone: Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus
    September 12, 2014  //  News, Student Life  //  No Comment

    On college campuses across the country, The Red Zone is defined as the time of vulnerability for sexual assaults on freshmen, ranging from their first days on campus until Thanksgiving break. Rape: that humiliating misfortune we read about in the news, but feel too untouchable to experience ourselves. Let us assure you that you will [...]

  • Lesli
    Bexley’s first bed and breakfast set to open this fall
    September 11, 2014  //  Local News  //  No Comment

    Bexley residents Lesli and Mike Mautz are opening their home to the public – for a reasonable $149 a night. What the Mautz’s refer to as home is the soon-to-be-open Bexley Bed and Breakfast, located at 519 S. Drexel Ave. Anticipated to be up and running by late November, the five-bedroom B&B will offer those [...]

  • mario kart play
    Crossing the Finish Line: after three seasons of ongoing growth, Williams, Williamson graduate, hand down Mario Kart League to younger students
    April 10, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    by Jordan Houser Seniors Mark Williams and Seth Williamson have pioneered an on-campus gaming league so large that they were forced to turn away prospective members during the most recent recruitment period. The Mario Kart League (MKL), as they have officially titled it, began in Spring 2013 and has grown each consecutive season since. Members [...]

  • DSC_8496
    ‘The Consul’ opens at the JCC
    April 10, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    The Conservatory of Music presents “The Consul,” an opera about a family attempting to escape a totalitarian country. The opera will be Saturday, April 11 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, April 12 at 2 p.m. “The Consul” will be held at the JCC. Admission for Cap students is free, and tickets are available for pick-up [...]

  • Habitat
    Annual service day gives back to City of Bexley
    April 3, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    by Maura Fortino Community service is a huge part of the lives of students here at Capital University. Seeing as part of the university’s mission is to “prepare individuals to live holistic lives of leadership and service,” every year at the beginning of April, students all across campus can take part in the Crusader Day [...]

  • DSC_7661
    Polar Vortex damages basketball court
    March 27, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    by Aaron Butts As many students may have heard, there has recently been a bit of damage done to the court in the Capital Center Arena. Back in January, the severe weather brought about through the numerous Polar Vortexes caused a rupture in a waterline which greatly damaged the court and may have even weakened [...]

  • Caleb 2
    PRIDE raises money, funds LGBTQA scholarship
    March 27, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    by Kat Bradfield The “College is a Drag…Show” recently hosted by PRIDE attracted quite a bit of attention, but there was more to the event than an entertaining and hilarious night of fun. The show was PRIDE’s first fundraiser toward the new LGBTQA scholarship they are helping build.Over the next five years, Pride is trying [...]

  • The Chimes 2
    An open letter to students concerned about Bernlohr Stadium lights
    March 26, 2014  //  News, Opinion, Student Life  //  No Comment

    UPDATE: Although the meeting is still being held Friday, the voting has been postponed to a date not yet decided. Bexley is not proposing to ban the lights, but to set restrictions and limitations on Capital’s use of them. South Bexley Neighborhood residents will gather Friday, March 28, to decide whether or not they will [...]

  • photo (2)
    Froehlich wears TOMS one year, donates 1100 pairs of shoes to charity
    March 20, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    by Aaron Butts As Lent descends upon the Christian community, Catholics and many Protestants give up something in their lives as a way of appreciating the little things, and getting closer to the suffering of Jesus. Friends declare that they will give up sweets until Easter and only two weeks later they’re caught on the [...]

  • hunger
    Hunger Games reaches SAB and The Resident Housing Association
    March 20, 2014  //  News  //  No Comment

    by Maura Fortino Capital University is having Hunger Games fever. Capital’s Sigma Alpha Beta (SAB) hosted Capital University’s very first Hunger Games in Feb. Social chair of SAB Emma Littmann, junior, took on the role of gamekeeper. While the inspiration for the name of the games comes from “The Hunger Games” book and movie trilogy, [...]