Theology for Everybody: Sabbath

Rev. Drew Tucker   “What does the word Sabbath mean?” Great question! To Sabbath means to take a break from life’s work, to rest, and to give thanks to […]

Opinion: Crusader connotations have changed

As defined by Merriam and Webster, a crusader is someone “who makes an impassioned and sustained effort to bring about social or political change,” and it is definitely one of […]

Theology for Everybody: “Eucharist”

Rev. Drew Tucker Recently, I shared with the Embrace group an invitation to Eucharist. One splendidly wise soul immediately sent me a private message that suggested, “What is eucharist […]

The glorious mute button

We’ve all been there: you’re scrolling through Twitter, minding your own business, when all of a sudden your timeline is flooded with someone or something you don’t want anything to […]