Parking violations and how to avoid them

Parking on campus is a consistent issue for students and faculty alike due to many factors. According to Chief Frank Fernandez, the number of parking tickets issued is in direct […]

Interesting classes offered next semester

In the next week, students will be finalizing their schedules for the 2018 spring semester with their adviser. For some, creating a schedule and making sure to get into required […]

How stress affects your immune system

As the fall semester is coming to an end and the weather is beginning to change, two things are on most students’ minds: finals and getting sick. In a 2015 […]

Behind the ink: our bodies as canvases

Paige Matuszynski, first year, has one tattoo, which is a graphic of the sun, moon and stars, on her right ankle.  Matuszynski got the tattoo a few months ago with […]