Theology for Everybody: “Eucharist”

Rev. Drew Tucker Recently, I shared with the Embrace group an invitation to Eucharist. One splendidly wise soul immediately sent me a private message that suggested, “What is eucharist […]

Capital goes NPR with new podcast CapChat

The university has started to stray away from the typical flyers and postcards toward a new type of advertising. CapChat is a podcast/video mash-up that was created with the purpose […]

Women’s Lacrosse attacks conference play

The spring sports season is nearing its peak, but women’s lacrosse is far from finished. They are currently sporting a 6-4 record and have won three games straight. The team […]

Relay for Life walks into Capital

One out of three people in the United States is diagnosed with cancer sometime during their life. Cancer steals lives and devastates families each day; chances are, most students can […]