Student by day, gamer by night

Wyatt Kinsinger, senior electronic media and film major and vice president of the gaming collective, is the Capital student to talk to when it comes to esports. Kinsinger is a […]

Thoughts that come with applying for graduation

I was surprised at how simple the application process for graduation was. All that the online form needed was the submission of correct contact information and confirmation of my major […]

Public Safety cares for, feeds homeless cat

From sick kitten to adorable cat with quite the personality, Sarge has certainly made a home with campus Public Safety. Sergeant Scott Kunkle has a soft spot for Sarge, as […]

Ghosting: the millennial habit that sucks

Ghosting. What does it mean, how does it happen, and why is it so detrimental to so many people? The dictionary (well, defines ghosting as the practice of suddenly […]