Capital goes NPR with new podcast CapChat

The university has started to stray away from the typical flyers and postcards toward a new type of advertising. CapChat is a podcast/video mash-up that was created with the purpose […]

Inaugural LGBT+ history class begins next semester

Next semester, one of the only LGBT+ history courses across the country will be offered on campus. “My hope is that it’s going to be discussion-driven,” Melissah Pawlikowski, the professor […]

Seminary faculty voice support on mascot change

Trinity Lutheran Seminary faculty voiced support for the movement to change the university’s mascot at a Feb. 8 faculty meeting through a unanimously-adopted motion. According to an email from Dr. […]

A purple pledge for greener living

Riding an elevator uses as much electricity as fully charging a cellphone. New signs in buildings on campus remind students of this, encouraging them to take the stairs instead. Similar […]