Student in the 3+3 program shares her experience

Capital Law School’s 3+3 program draws passionate undergrads from the main campus and beyond in pursuit of becoming future attorneys. Since 2015, the law school has offered a 3+3 program […]

Heroin epidemic overtakes Ohio

In recent years, Ohio has been ranked the top state for drug overdose deaths in the country, with all ages affected. If this does not frighten you, it should. The […]

Students assist local businesses in new immersion class

Students in new immersion class, Main Street Corridor Showcase, are working together to create marketing strategies and 60-second videos in hopes to sustain and grow businesses around Nelson and Parson’s community. […]

Students open up about support animals

Roughly a year ago, two students began to experience college with a furry friend by their side, while another student is beginning her experience this semester. These three individual students […]