Have we seen the last of Tom Brady?

Super Bowl LII was a multi-faceted football game anyway you viewed it. Along with the Philadelphia Eagles fans and New England Patriots fans of the world, there were plenty who […]

Lacrosse teams kick off 2018 season

Though the weather is still quite indicative of January in Ohio, spring sports practices are well underway. Included are both men’s and women’s lacrosse, both of which started official practices […]

Celebrities set resolutions for the new year

As the third and final holiday that completes the so-called “holiday season,” New Year’s Day is always looked forward to by the majority of civilization. Christmas is over, but the […]

There’s still ‘Fight’ left in the Foos

Dave and company have done it again. And done it well. Again. The Foo Fighters released the full-length album “Concrete and Gold” on Sept. 15, 2017. With plenty of compositional […]