The Schumacher Gallery presents: Elements

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The Schumacher Gallery is currently showing Elements, an invitational exhibition of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art in a variety of media.

The Schumacher Gallery is open to the public every Monday through Saturday, from 1-5 p.m. Elements will be open until March 26, closing temporarily from Feb 27 to March 6 for midterm break.

The show features 14 different central Ohio artists who all have an individualized style.

Carol Boram-Hays, one of the central Ohio artists, blends reclaimed metal and cast concrete with pigments and other materials to create unique designs.

One of the notable pieces by Catherine Bell Smith is “Skin Deep,” which consists of red pine bark laced with copper leaf, suspended on copper tubing.

Danielle Hall has two featured pieces, one of them being “In the Swing of Things,” a cast glass bench suspended from bronze chains. The second piece is titled “My Imaginary Friend,” which is made from a seesaw with a cube of cast concrete weighing down one end.

Several humanoid sculptures by Liz Delatore are spread throughout the room.

Elements encompasses two-dimensional works by artists such as Julia Hamilton, Jeffery Shaw, and Mark Linciewicz, who create with felt pen, oil paint, and ink pen, respectively.

The exhibit also houses a few carborundum aquatint prints by Nicholas Hill, many of which were created during a trip he took to Dresden, Germany.

Other artists include Mandi Caskey and Daric Gill, who both use acrylic paint to create images on surfaces such as wood and brick.


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