PATSO hosts 24-hour extreme theater event

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This Friday, Jan. 26 begins Performing Arts to Serve Others (PATSO)’s 24 Hour Extreme Theater event. PATSO is a newly created organization that is for students that don’t have all the time and commitment that bigger theater groups require.

An opening ceremony will kick off the event at 8 p.m. The writers have to write an original 10-page, one-act play in 12 hours. After it is written, the next 12 hours are spent memorizing, practicing, and getting all of the technical stuff figured out.

There will be “moms” taking care of the groups during this 24-hour period of stress and chaos. They will be in charge of taking a bunch of pictures and making sure that the participants are getting enough to eat and drink. In addition to that, they will also be in charge of fun activities for when the groups take breaks and dealing with logistical problems that take place. Their main mission is to be cheerleaders for everyone and to keep them motivated.

A lot of students, such as Becky Horgan, are very excited for the event.

“Theater is one of the most important things in my life, so any opportunity to be involved in it always has me hyped,” Horgan said.

Most details are being kept from the students participating until the night of to build up that extra excitement.
Twenty-four hours later, the plays will be performed and shown in CMC 121.

“Everyone is invited to come see the shows entirely free of charge,” Daniel Robey, PATSO president, said.

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