May 25, 2020

Republicans Rally on Campus

Photo by Mario Traina
Photo by Mario Traina

After two years of relative inactivity on campus, College Republicans is under new leadership and promises to bring the organization back from obscurity.
“Our biggest goal is to bring out awareness for political activism within the student body … to have [students] just get active on the political scene,” said Mitchell Mellott, sophomore and president of College Republicans.
“I would like to see College Republicans be more vocal on campus … [by] hosting events and participating in discussions and debates with other political organizations,” said Aubrey Searcy, sophomore and vice president of College Republicans. “I would also like to see us have more of a presence in Ohio and even federal politics.”
In years past, College Republicans has been one of the most active organizations on campus. As recently as fall of 2014, it was the only active political organization on campus. The group also has one of the oldest histories on campus, which dates at least as far back as the early 1960s. The group even once participated in major campus events, such as May Day, and had a tradition of electing sweethearts.
A major goal of the new executive board is to bring back this tradition of campus activism.
“We want more support at our meetings. We know that there are a lot of people here who are conservative, and we need to spread awareness across campus” said Haley Wehner, first-year.
Some of the events discussed at the last meeting included a fundraiser at Bruegger’s Bagels on Main Street, debate events with other political organizations on campus, and even an ambitious plan to bring Ohio governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich to campus.
Another goal of the new executive board is to actively cooperate with other political organizations on campus.
“I would like to see a joint Democrats Republican panel and more debate watch parties,” said Searcy.
In addition to planned campus activities, the new executive board also hopes to expand its reach off campus.
“It’s an election year, [and] we want to get people active: tabling, knocking doors, making phone calls, and spreading their beliefs out there,” said Mellott.
Currently, the organization is already working with the Trump and Kasich campaigns to campaign throughout the Central Ohio area.
“I think that College Republicans has been successful in the past, but now with the new exec board, we can make it even better than it was,” said Wehner.
Those wanting to learn more about College Republicans can attend the group’s meetings 7 p.m. every Monday inside Troutman Lobby.

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