Live local: the real Columbus coffee experience

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Columbus, Ohio, is quickly becoming a nationally recognized hot spot of the Midwest. Not only is it home to the second largest university in the United States, but it’s also an international business hot spot and the third largest fashion city in the U.S.

On top of that, Columbus has an amazing variety of locally owned and brewed Coffee shops that will make any coffee lover swoon. Over the last couple of months, I’ve scoured the city for the best coffee around. Here’s what I found:

The Short North:

One Line: A common coffee brewer who outsources their beans to a number of different local locations, they’re a Columbus staple. Generally, it has a good atmosphere, although the Wi-Fi only works for two hours at a time. They also have a smaller location downtown, across from the Capitol building.

Drink to Try: Honey Latte (very sweet)







Mission: These people are literally in a garage. When I was there for the first time in September, they were jam packed with college students with Macbooks. The whole thing looks like the perfect scene out of some indie movie or a Tumblr post. They make awesome coffee to match.

Drink to Try: They’re known for their Cold Brew.

Impero: Once again, this is what hipster heaven looks like. The barista that’s normally behind the counter is literally a vision of relaxation, and they tend to play chill music to match. These people are the masters of pour over espresso, and you can taste it in the coffee.

Drink to Try: Just get a Mocha. It’s one of the best around.


Downtown Columbus:

Staufs (German Village): This location is beautiful. Are you a book lover? Stop by one of the largest bookstores in North America before divi
ng into some amazing coffee. In the back, you’ll find great seating and a quiet space to study.

Drink to try: Buckeye Mocha



Roosevelt: This an amazing organization! Their motto is “Coffee for Good” for a reason! All of the proceeds go toward fighting injustices like human trafficking. Plus, they have great vibes and lots of room to study.

Drink to try: Best. Mocha. Ever.

Red Velvet Cafe: The cute name matches the interior. Just a couple of blocks away from the Ohio Theater, this cozy cafe offers great cupcakes and even better coffee. The set up looks like it’s straight out of a dream.

Drink to Try: London Fog

Upper Cup: These people are chill. Like, so chill that they literally keep the beans in giant plastic tubs labeled in neon colored marker. This relaxed hole in the wall is decorated with African masks and comfortable leather chairs.

Drink to Try: Dark Roast. Simple, but excellent.

Fox in the Snow: Once again, this place is in a garage, but the owners definitely make it work. From the amazing array of pastries and food to excellent pour over coffee, this has got it all. Make sure to go in the morning if you want food! It goes fast!

Drink to Try: Latte, although they don’t have any flavored syrup. Anything on the menu is great!

It’s time to ditch the Starbucks and go local.

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