Cotterman’s ‘Window Doggo’ gains fame

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Plenty of students on campus have pets, but they’re not all as iconic as Butter.

Butter is a corgi/golden retriever mix that can often be seen lounging in the window of a first-floor Cotterman Hall dorm room. Like most dogs that live in the residence halls, she is an emotional support animal. The traffic between Cotterman and Lohman Halls means that even if she is not doing much, Butter still gets more attention than many other campus pets simply because of where she sits.

Butter’s owner, sophomore Lexi Odom, decided to embrace this growing popularity and take to social media.

“[Butter] sits in the window all the time, and people would come and talk to her …” Odom said. “… And she can’t talk back, so I thought it would be cute to make her a Snapchat and update people on her day.”

Odom is majoring in art therapy and psychology with a minor in studio art. She said that in addition to Snapchat, Butter has also recently gotten on Twitter.

Butter’s growing social media presence has let the student body get to know her better, and also cleared up some misconceptions. Odom said that a good amount of Capital thinks that Butter is a male, although she added that Butter does not care “as long as she gets attention.”

Butter the “window doggo” taking a nap in her favorite spot.

Butter, modest as they come, declined to comment on this statement.

The rising popularity of her dog has led to some humorous encounters for Odom. She said that while students do not usually carry on actual conversations with her, they will say hi to Butter out loud. Odom also mentions that she has had encounters with students who are confused when Butter is not in her usual spot.

“Sometimes I’ll be sitting on the floor and they will look in and get startled and run away,” Odom said.“I feel awkward, but it’s okay because I know they are looking for the dog.”

Odom believes that much of Butter’s popularity is just because of how visible she is in the window.

“I think her [fame] is just because people see her,” Odom said, and added that Butter “has no idea” how famous she is quickly becoming.

Butter has been a long-standing member of Snapchat and frequently posts about her day, but is also a new member of Twitter. Though she just joined on March 18, she has already surpassed 100 followers.

Thanks to her comfortable spot in the window and a growing social media following, Butter is quickly becoming a campus icon. Students can follow Butter on both Snapchat and Twitter at her handle windowdoggo.


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