Prototyping lab offers new digital design options for CapFam

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Video credit to Matt McCroskey

“So apparently, that’s a piece of music called ‘Sandstorm,'” William Ball said, referring to the tune played by a glowing gadget created in Capital’s new prototyping lab.

Located in the basement of Blackmore Library, the lab is open to all students, staff and faculty. The lab focuses on digital design and creation using machines such as 3-D printers.

Students are welcome to use the space for any project that they are interested in. Graduate nursing students recently created 3-D-printed teeth to teach young children about dental hygiene.

“The prototyping lab is still in development, it is still itself a prototype, and we’re growing a little bit each month,” Ball said. “I’d love to see more students coming down and using it.”

This fall, Ball is offering IDS 493, Introduction to Rapid Prototyping, which will use the lab and equipment to help students expand, develop and test any ideas that they have.

For more information on the prototyping lab, email Ball at and check out the Chimes previous article on the lab here.

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