August 15, 2020

Student in the 3+3 program shares her experience

Capital Law School’s 3+3 program draws passionate undergrads from the main campus and beyond in pursuit of becoming future attorneys.

Since 2015, the law school has offered a 3+3 program that helps Capital students earn their undergraduate and law degrees in just six years instead of seven or more. There are currently five Capital undergraduates enrolled; two in their first year at the law school and three upperclassmen, along with one Capital alumni.

Capital student Robyn Runkel is an undergraduate senior who majored in English and minored in political science while attending the main campus. She has just started the 3+3 program and said that it has been both challenging and rewarding.

“You definitely want to be sure that law school is what you want to do,” Runkel said. “It takes dedication and is something that you have to work for.”

However, Runkel admits that law school’s workload is not as heavy as it is portrayed in the media.

“I expected the workload to be ruthless. But it is not like that at all,” Runkel said. “The professors really want you to succeed and are very helpful. So, it is not like you are on your own.”

On top of professors wanting to see you succeed, Runkel has found that there are additional ways to seek help. All first-level students are added to a Facebook page, where they can go to ask for help on homework, etc.

“Our Facebook page is nice because it shows a great unity in how we all are in this together,” Runkel said.

An additional bonus, in Runkel’s eyes, is that all 75 or so first-level students have nearly the same 15 credit hour set schedule, so she has classes with nearly all the same people. At most other law schools, 75 first-level students would maybe make up less than or just about one class.

Although there are multiple routes to go to get additional help, Runkel said, “You still have to be ready to give up at least two-three hours each day to studying, reading and making sure you understand everything, because the more you start to fall behind, the harder it is to catch up.”

Since starting this fall, Runkel has found herself intrigued in family law and prosecution.

Runkel’s suggestion to anyone out there interested in Capital’s 3+3 program or law school is, “if you are passionate about it, do it, but be ready to give it everything.”

Capital’s law school is well known for its notable alumni, like Ohio’s tenth district appellate court judge Jennifer Brunner, U.S. Representative of Ohio Jim Jordan and Ohio’s 32nd Auditor of State Dave Yost.

According to U.S. News, the acceptance rate at Capital Law School currently stands at 79.2 percent, making the median GPA of acceptance 3.17.

It currently ranks number 175 in the nation and number 34 in the Midwest, with an overall score of 61/100.

Likewise, Capital Law School’s passing rate stands at 71.3 percent, with their employment rate being 73 percent.

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