Potty break: students weigh in on campus’ best bathrooms

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The John, the head, the potty, the porcelain throne. Toilets have taken many names throughout history, but have always offered the same thing: a moment’s reprieve from the busy hustle of life.

A stall instantaneously builds a sanctuary of solitude, and sometimes offers less than decent privacy with cracks in the wall or toilet paper casually draping the sink. Smooth, white rounded seats offer an escape from parents arguing about the taste of spaghetti in the next room over, or the homework sitting untouched on a worn out desk.

For students of all ages, finding this solitude on campus can be hard when so many others have the same bodily functions, but many have managed to find a moment’s peace.

Monica Billings, a sophomore nursing student, said, “I like the second floor bathroom in Ruff, and the [bathroom in the] Student Union lobby because of the privacy provided and the clean setting.”

Privacy can also be found in one of the busiest buildings on campus: the Conservatory of Music.

Nick Harvey, a sophomore music major, said, “I like the hidden bathroom in the Con towards the left when you first walk in. It’s secluded [so] no one else notices it.”

Shared bathrooms in the residence halls can either be pleasant with everyone working together to keep the space manageable and clean, or unbearable with unflushed toilets, toilet paper decorating the space like it’s the night of Halloween, and a stench that would turn anyone’s stomach. Usually it’s the former rather than the latter that takes place in studentsĂ­ living environments.

Junior Kahlil Bell, a music technology major, said, “I like the bathroom in my dorm [in] Cotterman. I’m not busy with classes, and my dorm is where I go to relax.”

But for some, it’s not only about seclusion, but also inclusion.

Vi Pagliaro, a junior double majoring in psychology and sociology, said, “I like the bathrooms in the Convergent Media Center because of their seclusion, but also for the fact that they’re gender inclusive.”

Having gender inclusive bathrooms on campus is extremely important to many students attending. With such a diverse student body, Capital has made sure that all its students are well taken care of in such instances.

The Chimes ran a poll on Instagram allowing  students to comment their favorite campus bathrooms. Some top picks included the Convergent Media Center, Blackmore Library, and even the bushes.

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Privacy and safety were once again the biggest factors in determining where a student’s favorite bathroom was located. That_girl_jaci commented, “First floor of Battelle- last stall, where the door opens OUT, and the frosted window is always cracked open.”

Another commenter, named _thequaz_, said, “One I feel safe going into.”

No matter where a student – or – anyone might be, feeling safe is extremely important in order to get a decent sense of privacy.

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