Binge-worthy shows part 2: their drinking games


Earlier in the semester, we highlighted four shows (“American Vandal,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Sons of Anarchy”) within four categories (Docu-Series, Sitcom, Fantasy, and Crime Drama) that were deemed “binge-watch” worthy. If you haven’t gotten the chance to view any of the four yet, don’t fret, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But if you’ve been hesitant to start any one of them, for one reason or another, perhaps you need some extra motivation. Here are four drinking games we found to accompany your binge watching (but only if you’re 21 or older).

“American Vandal” Drinking Game (from

Drink every time:

· The words “dick,” “balls” or “way back boys” are said

· There is a news report

· Social media is shown (includes YouTube)

· The suspect/clue board is shown

· A new suspect is introduced

· Dylan is seen driving in his car

· A new clue is discovered

· Ms. Shapiro is shown

· Sara Pearson is referenced

· A yearbook is shown

· There is a flashback

Finish Your Drink If:

· The dick drawer is discovered

“How I Met Your Mother” Drinking Game (from

Take One Drink When:

· Anyone says “Awesome!”

· Robin says “literally”

· Barney says “legendary”

· Barney uses a pickup line

· Barney says “Suit up”

· Barney says “Classic”

· Robin says “But um…”

· Anyone high fives

Take Two Drinks When:

· Anyone says “Have you met…” (Ted, Barney, Me, etc.)

· Barney does magic

· Barney makes someone do a high five or fist bump

· Barney says “Ha, please.”

· Barney says “daddy’s home”

· Barney answers his phone and says “Go For Barney.”

· Marshall says “Lawyered!”

· Ted does a voiceover

· There is a flashback

· Marshall sings about anything (except what he’s doing)

· Any acceptance of a challenge

· Barney says “True Story”

· Ted’s kids are seen

Take Three Drinks When:

· Barney says “…wait for it…”

· Barney says “What up?”

· Barney mentions his blog

· Marshall sings about what he’s doing

· Ted corrects somebody

· Robin mentions something Canadian

· Barney calls himself Ted’s best friend

· Any time a cab/limo driver is called by name

· Ranjit says “Hallooooo”… or any other time Ranjit makes a surprise appearance

· Lily tells a secret

Finish Your Drink When:

· Ted says “How I Met Your Mother”

· Barney rips on Canada

· Any time someone says “Slapsgiving” or a slap occurs

· Telepathic Conversation

· Robin produces a gun

· Anyone makes a Star Wars reference

· Marshall plays an instrument to accompany his singing

· Appearance of “The Goat”

“Game of Thrones” Drinking Game (from

Take A Sip Every Time:

· Jon Snow looks confused

· Littlefinger creepily hits on Sansa

· Cersei casually sips wine

· Daenerys lists all her titles

· Anyone says “Winter is Here”

· Someone mentions the iron throne

· Greyworm and Missandei look at each other longingly

Take Two Sips Every Time:

· Daenerys says “I was born to…”

· Arya goes through her revenge list

· Euron Greyjoy talks about his “big package”

· Tormund shamelessly flirts with Brienne

· Bran has a weird vision with a bunch of ravens

· Anyone says “king in the north”

Take Three Sips Every Time:

· Jon is sulking

· Someone says “A Lannister always pays his debts”

· Tyrion makes a sarcastic comment

· Daenerys rides a dragon

· Littlefinger is plotting someone’s demise

· Arya kills someone

· You can’t quite tell if Sansa is on Jon’s side or not

Finish Your Drink Every Time:

· Someone gets a body part severed

· Incest

· One of your faves dies in the worst, cruelest way

· Gratuitous nudity happens in the background of a random scene

· A battle seems lost but dragons come to save the day and burn a whole bunch of people

“Sons of Anarchy” Drinking Game (from Pinterest)

Take a Drink:

· Whenever Gemma says “sweetheart” or “darling”

· Whenever Clay mumbles something about “getting the gavel back”

· Whenever someone reacts with a frustrated “Jesus Christ”

· Whenever Chibs calls Jax “Jackie Boy”

· Whenever Tig looks creepy (Remember: pace yourself)

· Whenever Juice’s eyes bug out

· Whenever Jax does his angry “Homeboy-Gorilla Walk”

· Whenever Happy says more than five words in a sentence

· Whenever any SAMCRO member touches his own beard

· Whenever there is a “bro-kiss”

· Whenever a SAMCRO member straps on a helmet

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