Kroger vs. Giant Eagle: the ultimate Bexley grocery showdown

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Last week, I traveled to both the Kroger and Giant Eagle grocery stores near campus. I took notes on four different categories: service, cleanliness, parking and selection, and then gave both the stores an overall grade.

For the service category, I stood in an aisle with a worker already present. I then proceeded to search through a certain part of the aisle while looking confused, in hopes that the employee would ask if I needed assistance.

For cleanliness, I checked out debris on the floors and organization in the aisles, including products that were placed in the wrong section.

Although parking isn’t an issue for some students, I drove to both of these locations, so I will also be reviewing that as well.

The selection category will include the range of product options and prices of these objects.

Finally, I will note any additional comments or things I noticed on the trip.


Photo by Matt McCroskey

Service: Very friendly workers, and I had two of them come up to me asking if I needed any assistance.

Cleanliness: Had the occasional loose paper on the ground but seemed to have quite a few misplaced items.

Parking: Definitely the bigger parking lot of the two. I didn’t have a problem finding a spot, and getting in and out wasn’t difficult either.

Selection: Many options and cheap prices. I bought a bag of Kroger’s generic brand tortilla chips for $1.49, which is very manageable for even the poorest of college students. As far as produce goes, Kroger offers both organic and regular options, allowing for the prospective buyer to choose how much money they would be willing to spend on fruits and vegetables.

Additional comments: I decided to check out with the self-checkout at both places, but during my Kroger visit the machine didn’t give me my change. Of course, this isn’t necessarily Kroger’s fault exactly. However, they should still maintain proper care of their machines.

Overall grade: B

Giant Eagle Market District

Photo by Matt McCroskey

Service: During my time there, I had many employees pass me while I was searching for products, but not one stopped.

Cleanliness: Floors were a lot cleaner and more organized than Kroger, but they still had a few items that weren’t in the right location.

Parking: Very small parking lot and very hard to get in and out of. I had to sit for quite a while before I could pull out onto East Main Street. This may be less of a concern for students, though, because it is within a manageable walking distance from campus.

Selection: Not as many different products offered in a variety of brands. I ended up paying $4.99 for a small container of salsa, which would have cost me $2. 49 at Kroger. As I walked through the produce section, I also noticed a large amount of organic items.

Additional comments: Being a Starbucks lover, I really enjoy getting something before I start shopping, which could also be considered a con. I understand that there isn’t much space for Giant Eagle to expand in Bexley, but sometimes having to walk up those stairs to the second floor when carrying a heavy load can be quite exhausting. Another important thing to add is that generally speaking, Giant Eagle’s generic brand is more expensive than Kroger’s.

Overall grade: C

Both Kroger and Giant Eagle do their job well in supplying products to the community. For any students looking to save money at either of these places, I would recommend getting their rewards card.

For the Giant Eagle Advantage card you get fuel points and coupons loaded straight to their app. The Kroger Plus card also offers fuel points and can earn you some very good discounts without having to coupon.

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